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Lisa Lennie – Lost, But Now Found

Lisa Lennie
Lisa Lennie
Rochelle Gonzales
Rochelle Gonzales

THE name Lisa Lennie might not spark any memories in the minds of many as she could most certainly be anybody. However, her face might jog your memory. This “Face In The Crowd” who is originally from Bagatelle but currently resides at La Croix, Ti Colon has made a name for herself for all the wrong reasons. Lennie has lived somewhat of a troubled life but is fighting hard to regain a positive image regardless of the stigma that surrounds her.

Those who truly know her will say that Lennie is a kind and lovable individual who is unfortunately seriously misguided and follows the wrong crowd. The 20 year old fashion model said she loves nothing more than music and spending quality time with family and friends.

On the day of the interview (Wednesday) with TheVOICE, Lennie was in high spirits as she was celebrating her 20th birthday and was simply thankful for seeing another year. The birthday girl said she has been through so much already in life and hopes for guidance and blessings from God. She is also hopeful that society will allow her to grow in the way that she wishes to.

TheVOICE: What was your childhood like?

Lisa: It wasn’t all that perfect. My dad died when I was eight years old and I was the spoiled type with a golden spoon but I was missing out on my parents. They were never there. My mom has been abroad for years but now she visits me once a year

TheVOICE: Whilst you were growing up especially during your teenage years, what was life like for you?

Lisa: Well everything was good till I left school because I lived with my older brother and from the time I left school, things just went upside down. He treated me like rubbish and that’s the reason why I went astray and bad things started happening to me. I never had the proper guidance.

TheVOICE: You say you went astray, what kind of activities did you get up to?

Lisa: Drugs, guns, sex and unsupervised actives that I wouldn’t assign to a young teen.

TheVOICE: Why did you choose to do all these things? Was it a matter of peer pressure or was it entirely your thinking?

Lisa: Most likely peer pressure because I was young and dumb and remember I had no one there for me so I couldn’t tell who my true friends were.

TheVOICE: Did you have any friends who tried to sway you away from that lifestyle?

Lisa: Well, yeah, but I was too caught up in the life. Eventually I did put myself in check.

TheVOICE: You had a run in with the law a few years ago, tell me about that.

Lisa: I got arrested for possession of a fireman. I went up and down to court for  a year and a few months but my case ended this year and I paid a fine.

TheVOICE: Was it around this point that you started to change your ways or did the downward spiral continue?

Lisa: My ways started to change because my life wasn’t  worth living that way and I have brighter plans for my future so I had to get away to move on.

TheVOICE: Adding to this issue, a video of you involved in sexual activities surfaced. How did that make you feel?

Lisa: Like a whore. That wasn’t supposed to be out at all. It’s most likely that the phone got lost and someone found it and they just blasted it out. That alone just destroyed my career but I always held my head high because people don’t know what I really went through. From then on, I just don’t really care what the public thinks because I know myself and I don’t really care who’s there to judge because no one knows my story until now.

The VOICE: Since then how has your view on life changed with all the issues of the past still seemingly baring a major cross for you to carry?

Lisa: In life every struggle is actually a lesson to help me become a stronger individual and I’m thankful, well kind of, for what I went through because it helped open my eyes about life which is certainly not a bed of roses and is full of responsibilities. I am now wise enough to make the right choices. I’ve learnt clearly from my mistakes but it’s in the past and there’s no going back. There is always a second chance…you live and you learn.

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