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Les Saintes, Aerial view
Les Saintes, Aerial view

TYING the knot on Guadeloupe may seem like a mountain of requirements. The French laws apply to residents and non-residents likewise.

Couples must qualify for the application of the civil marriage handled by the commune’s town hall (La Mairie) that requires original personal documents from the couple prior to approval. Such a custom leaves a very tight loop for marital clashes. Only then a civil marriage takes place at the commune’s town hall. A certificate of civil celebration is presented to the couple which they can then present to a priest or other for a religious ceremony. Once that is over, secluded bays of pristine white sand beaches and exotic flora and fauna create the ambience for romance, honeymooning and extraordinary photography.

November is “busy season” in Guadeloupe. Cockfight season begins and extends to April next year. Armistice Day and Saint Patron’s Day is observed on November 11, 2014. Later in the month, parades are held in the streets to celebrate the feast of musicians – Saint Cecilia’s Day. If you are in Guadeloupe during this time, be part of the festivities.

Cockfighting, Guadeloupe
Cockfighting, Guadeloupe

If you’re a lover of flora and antiques, your honeymoon is at Le JardinMalanga in TroisRivieres, Guadeloupe . The hotel is surrounded by a perfect view of LesSaintes, citrus fruits and lush vegetation guarding a 1927 colonial building . Newly-weds are welcome by over 20% discount. Let’s go island-hopping through the Guadeloupe archipelago. We take a ferry from St Francois Grand Terre, Guadeloupe to La Désirade, Marie Galante , Les Saintes…an afternoon of magnificent picture taking!

Historical note! In 1928 a hurricane devastated Guadeloupe, killed hundreds and destroyed essential crops. Basseterre was badly damaged, all of Pointe a Pitre was under water and had to be reconstructed. Renowned especially for his novel, Adrift: 76 Days Lost At Sea (1986) Steven Callahan, American author, inventor, sailor, naval architect survived 76 days at sea in a life raft and was found on the coast of Marie Galante.

A bit of the French Language for the Visitor

Typical Wedding Vow in French: la langue de l’amour

Moi, [nom de marié/mariée], je teprend, [nom de mariée/marié],
I, (bride’s/groom’s name), take you, (groom’s/bride’s name)
to be my wife,
pour avoir et tenir de ce jour versl’avant,
to have and to hold from this day forward,
pour meilleurou pour le pire,
for better or for worse,
pour la prospérité et la pauvreté,
for richer, for poorer,
dans la maladie et dans la santé,
in sickness and in health,
pour aimer et chérir;
to love and to cherish;
jusqu’à la mort nous sépare
till death do us part

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