Digicel To Make Christmas Better

DURING the coming festive season, Digicel St Lucia will share and give even more value to its customers.

The company said throughout the next month it will bring smiles and cheer to families and communities with the hope of bringing everyone together to make this Christmas better.

Digicel said it will transcend joy, fun and delight and will give customers a chance to win their share in over $200,000 in cash and prizes in Digicel’s, “Together we make Christmas Better” promotion.

For the next six weeks Digicel will reward a lucky customer every week with $10,000 in cash, plus customers will also receive daily prizes of smartphones, electronics, hampers, weekend passes, spa passes and so much more. In addition, all eligible customers will also automatically qualify to be the extremely lucky winner in the DOUBLE THE POT, Christmas winnings of $20,000 cash.

Qualifying for the “Together we make Christmas Better” promotion could not be simpler this year. Prepaid customers who top up $10 or more or postpaid customers paying their bill in full and by the 26th, customers who sign up for a 4G Data Lite plan or higher, customers who purchase a Digicel 4G smartphone and join the Digicel family are all eligible to win in Digicel’s $200,000 cash and prizes Christmas giveaway.

And as always there is much more with Digicel, with all stores decked out with trendy affordable handset brands, set to tease the interest of customers, for Christmas gifts or for that long awaited Christmas android upgrade. One such brand which boasts affordability, innovation, a sleek design and multifunctional specifications, is the new Digicel DL smartphone line. Fresh and new to the market, the line carries the Digicel’s DL800 and DL900 smartphones which now accompany the recently launched DL 750 smartphone.

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