New Pay Hike for Bakery Workers

  • The National Workers Union(NWU) and Amurbroise have reached a new industrial agreement that will benefit the workers.
  • The workers will receive salary increases, back pay and fringe benefits as part of the new agreement.
  • The agreement was signed by the parties at the Department of Labour in the presence of the Labour Commissioner.
  • The NWU is also in negotiations with Cadasse Brothers Enterprises for a similar agreement.

Bakers, Clerical workers and other ancillary staff employed with Amurbroise will now benefit from a new industrial agreement. This new Accord negotiated within a reasonable time between the National Workers Union (NWU) and the company will run for a period of three (3) years.

Workers will receive in Year One $100.00 increase in the salary and $50.00 each year in Years Two and Three. Workers will also benefit from a small back pay and a restricted regime of fringe benefits, among which is the payment for Employees’ Health Cards.

The industrial agreement was signed recently by the parties at the Department of Labour at Barnard Hill in the presence of the Labour Commissioner.

Meanwhile negotiations between Cadasse Brothers Enterprises and the National Workers Union are progressing smoothly.

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