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Chastanet Returns to Parliament, Stages ‘Walk for Democracy’

  • Opposition Leader Allen Chastanet walked from his office to parliament with his supporters, calling for the removal of House Speaker Claudius Francis.
  • Chastanet says that the government violated the constitution by suspending him from parliament.
  • Tourism Minister Ernest Hilaire said that the government agreed to revoke the suspension and let Chastanet return to parliament, but he also said that Chastanet had to answer for various scandals and issues under his administration.
Opposition Leader, Allen Chastanet
Opposition Leader, Allen Chastanet

Opposition Leader Allen Chastanet yesterday took to the streets with fellow supporters to call out government for what he alleges is a violation of the constitution, just before taking his seat in parliament.

Chastanet, his wife and former cabinet colleagues walked from the Leader of the Opposition’s Office at Hewanorra House in Sans Souci to parliament calling for the removal of House Speaker Claudius Francis.

Chastanet, who was recently suspended from parliament after he refused to withdraw certain statements, said he had no choice but to take the matter to court.

According to him, “I’m very grateful that I was able to win the court case and government has agreed to revoke that suspension. There will be a motion put (in) the House for that suspension to be revoked but this is happening too frequently, this government is doing this with the greatest amount of ease since they’ve come into office.”

Chastanet claimed that on many occasions, government attempted to suppress civil liberties by operating in contravention of the constitution.

“I’ve decided to walk from my office at Vigie Complex to parliament; I’ve called it the Walk for Democracy. Our constitution is what protects all of us. This is not a political walk… this is about preservation and empowerment of our own constitution,” Chastanet told reporters.

More importantly, Chastanet stated, “the only way the Constitution gets strength is through the people and anytime any government or any individual tries to take away those rights from us, (we) have to stand up and say enough is enough and that is what today is about.”

Tourism Minister Ernest Hilaire
Tourism Minister Ernest Hilaire

Tourism Minister Ernest Hilaire told reporters that Chastanet took parliament to court saying the Standing Orders were unconstitutional and asked the court to let him return until it has decided on the matter.

According to the minister, government said there was no need for that.

“Let the court decide… in the meantime we’ll let him come back, we don’t need to put an injunction or even hear that case. The court will decide whether or not parliament is unconstitutional. I cannot imagine how parliament can be unconstitutional but he’s going to court to decide,” Hilaire said.

Hilaire also spoke to reporters about Chastanet’s Walk for Democracy, noting that under the last government, there were barricades preventing supporters from coming within 100 metres of parliament. However, under this new government, he stated, the situation is different.

Said Hilaire, “The people are upset for whatever reason, let them come and demonstrate, we’re not going to stop it. I mean just think about it, this is supposed to be a march for democracy and you are outside in parliament yard expressing your views… there cannot be a bigger expression of democracy than this,” Hilaire said, adding “I think it is right that political parties are allowed to voice their sentiments.”

“We’ll have some fun in parliament today. I think we need to make it very clear to the Leader of the Opposition that we don’t want him out of parliament; he needs to answer about the vaccines, he needs to answer about the WASCO scandal, he needs to answer about St Jude (and) Hewannorra, he needs to answer about Cabot lands (and) DSH, he has a lot to answer. We don’t want him out of parliament but we need to say to him… there is a certain decorum and dignity that must be brought to parliament,” he added.


  1. Chastanet’s primary interest lies in disinformation and platitudes rather than serious political discourse. He lacks the aptitude and political acumen to engage his followers in profound economic or political discussions. Listening to his disjointed arguments, he tries to convince his followers that democracy is under siege. Ironically, the facts show that it took the SLP-led government to revitalize democracy in St. Lucia after five years hiatus. Chastanet continues to feed his followers a toxic brew of lies, falsehoods, disinformation, and half-truths. The spewing of falsehoods cannot win the battle of ideas. Its goal is to further stupefy his followers and make him the designated cult leader of the United Workers Party.
    Indeed, there was a clear display of democracy yesterday, Tuesday. The fundamental rights of every citizen who participated in the protest were respected contrary to what Chastenet perceived it to be. A peaceful protest is a hallmark of democracy. In 2020, many people were arrested by Chastanet’s police squad for driving around St. Lucia in a spirit of protest. Weren’t their civil liberties infringe upon? Again, Chastanet’s lack of political depth can expose his contradictions gloriously.

    With the utmost respect am I to understand that the people of Saint Lucia, lack the mental capacity to distinguish lies from fiction, tell me it’s not so, is one individual able to muzzle the will of the majority of a well-educated citizen of this nation, again tell me it’s not so! on the contrary, should there even be strife and discord between brethren of such a small place, when most of the citizens are related in some way or other?’
    What is this fight for, do you call this progress, is it helping to curb the violence within the structure of the country, listen here this internal power struggle is not benefiting our people in any way, the negative destructive vibes are killing even democracy at its core.
    The oath of allegiance taken by the people, who decide on behalf of the citizen, is in jeopardy of being caught out, and the government is becoming nothing but a game show, if so! Allowed me to impute my say and Let’s name this show Jeopardy, for impeaching on the rights of the individual by any one citizen is wrong, in the court, and any other venture, there should have been placed beforehand checks and balances, monitoring all governing members of all parties’ actions, not just the ruling party, but the opposition as well, therefore avoiding second hand, witch hunts which are after the facts.
    Honesty and integrity are noble sentiments, they should not be on trial here in Saint Lucia, and the scandal that spews out of the Island, makes the nation’s constitution seems like sitting at a gigantic laughing puppet show. And many are fueling this worthless scandalizing dope output.
    Gird your loins Saint Lucia quit this political bullshit and get serious about performing, and maintain a serious progressive platform, everyone everywhere all citizens of Saint Lucia, your pride is on trial by a few rotten apples.
    Go figure.

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