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ISL Affords Choiseul Residents Opportunity to Own Land

House built by ISL for Choiseul residents.
House built by ISL for Choiseul residents

In an earlier publication, THE VOICE reported that a few selected residents of Choiseul are now proud new homeowners, due to an arrangement undertaken between the former sea-side dwellers and Invest Saint Lucia (ISL).

ISL embarked on a project to relocate the eight inhabitants from their previous habitat to safer and more feasible accommodation, in order to allow for the construction of the Grand Hyatt hotel development at Sabwisha.

According to an ISL spokesperson, the houses were built between September and December 2022, following a process of consultations and site inspections spanning as far back as January 2021. The new homes, which were funded by ISL Lucia were formally handed over to the residents in January.

Meanwhile, an ISL update states that the houses belong to the residents and they have an opportunity to purchase and own the land in the long-run.

An ISL spokesperson explained that contrarily the new homeowners do not own the land, and that ISL will facilitate the residents in helping them own a piece of land and property for themselves.

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