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The System and Man’s Kingdom can make Crappo smoke our pipe!

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By Carlton Ishmael

There was a time when Man could guide his path, follow certain guidelines, and tread along the way; and if you stayed on the straight-and-narrow path, you may have avoided certain pitfalls. Yet, being too timid or unwilling to take a risk can also leave you not fulfilling your potential.

From time immemorial, Man has always had choices, but there are times that you must submit to the dictates of the day.

The future points to a lot of uncertainty and there are many more stumbling blocks and world leaders and persons of particular influence seem to dictate the course of life.

What we eat, what clothes you wear, your shoes, your choice of dwelling house, even the bills that you must commit to, all these areas of living, are dictated and controlled by The System.

We are at a time when there is consideration for reducing world’s population. We are constantly fed poison in our foods, and we are none the wiser. We are forced to live off drugs of all types and conditioned to pay an arm and a leg to stay alive, if by chance your body is failing you.

Like in some cold countries, you must have winter gears today, or else the environmental conditions, will take a toll on you. You must conform, because our total way of life is now being monitored and we are subject to control. Breaking the laws by any means lands you in prison, or you can be ostracized, you can’t lead any battles, followers are few to get — and to react or demand change is not permissible.

Just like robots, our lives are becoming programmed without having this or that, or having permission, or a license to operate and without The System’s permission and consent, you go nowhere.

Those who live in glass houses still throw stones, those with money and resources, flaunt it and call all the shots and The Masses are left to struggle, submit to the dictates of the State, which, in turn, has to follow Uncle Sam’s direction before being struck out of the will. Remember: Money talks and cow dung walks…

Slavery we thought was abolished, but today it is renewed in several forms. We have Economic Slavery and Ideological Slavery, coupled with and by the Brainwashed Education syndrome, all establish to conquer and destroy at random.

God’s kingdom is still far at hand and it is Man’s Kingdom that prevails today, so be alert, be conscious be resilient and — most of all — be clever, because if you lay your guard down, Crappo will surely smoke your pipe.

Merry Christmas to all my readers.

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