Appeal Made For More Young Female Footballers

As part of activities to highlight Women’s Football Month – the St Lucia Football Association [SLFA] Inc.  put on a dazzling display of events to help create a greater awareness for getting females into the ‘beautiful game’.

Young participants and officials at the women’s football conference.
Young participants and officials at the women’s football conference.

Let Them Play – was the resounding expression conveyed by key speakers at a recent Women Football Conference as the SLFA Inc. continued with its celebration of this occasion.

Ms. Examine Philbert, Chairperson of the SLFA Women’s Football Task Force delivered a sound motivational speech to the young participants, urging them to take a holistic view of the ‘beautiful game’ of football as it can provide far reaching opportunities for them in life.

Philbert implored the females to be motivated to become players, administrators and officials in the sport, and underlined the character-building components of passion, drive and enthusiasm. She told them to be great, passion must come from deep within.

This latest Women’s Football Conference was the second such session, since the SLFA designated November as Women’s Football Month in 2021.

“Women have always had and will continue having a prominent place in the SLFA family. SLFA has afforded our girls and women opportunities to be true ambassadors,” declared Philbert.

She listed several young women that have benefited from the SLFA’s scholarship fund, including Krysan St Louis and Raquel John; while acknowledging the input of national players such as Eliza Marquis, Arnicka Louis, Shaniya Scott, and other young players in attendance. The women’s task force chairperson also recognized the professionalism of CONCACAF Match commissioner Karassa Bellas and Mary Liz Campbell, Vice President & SLFA Women’s Coordinator, and referees, like Shantel John.

“These women have kept our football dreams alive. They remind us that nothing is impossible, however we must strive consistently for it,” added Philbert. “They face the same challenges as we all do, self-doubt, fear, limited resources etc. What makes the difference is their determination to excel, passion for football and the heart of a lion. They are still working on achieving that football dream.”

She said that in the continued pursuit “to get to the top” and aspire for representation at a FIFA World Cup “we must keep climbing. We must plan the climb.”

“The Women’s conference is one strategy to reach the mountain top …the pinnacle of a football dream,” Philbert said.

According to Philbert, “The Women’s Conference is an assembly of football policy makers, administrators, players, technical personnel, league representatives, students and enthusiasts to chart the agenda of women’s football. It also creates a platform to inspire, re-energise, motivate and retool and ignite the passion for football.”

With strong emphasis on the promotion of women football in the wider communities, schools and clubs, she noted that “igniting   the passion for football, is for both genders, as males and females must work together for the effective functioning of society.”

Philbert stressed that the conference was focused on five key objectives, which included, Strengthening women’s leadership, administrative, professional skills and performance, and build capacity; Educate, enlighten and empower women and girls in football; Inspire players so that they can nurture and grow their personal attributes which will rebound to a better display of their football skills and prowess on the field of play; Raise the profile of players so they can better serve as football ambassadors at their schools, clubs, Leagues and national level and create a forum where football lovers can dialogue and plan.”

In the continued efforts to spur more interest in the game, she told the gathering that it was important to: “Score the winning goal to embrace the ideals of football (since) football is a universal language, which fosters a spirit of togetherness, fair play, respect, and collaboration.”

Philbert asserted: “Let’s ensure that we afford girls and women (an opportunity) to play. Let Them Play!”

She said it was imperative to “continue working strategically and consistently in order to achieve our goal of taking football to higher heights.”

Dr. Vernetta Lesporis
Dr. Vernetta Lesporis

Other inspirational personations came from Dr. Vernetta Lesporis, Education Officer in the Ministry of Education, who also served as Conference Chairman, SLFA Vice –President Emmanuel Bellas and Dr. Natasha Innocent, Medical Doctor, from Vieux Fort.

Bellas provided a very colourful and insightful presentation on the Game of Football and involved the young participants in some interactive discourse and quizzes on the rules and regulations.

He noted the recognition given to women in global football, such as Fatma Samoura – FIFA general secretary and Salima Mukansanga from Rwanda, the first female officiating referee at a FIFA World Cup.

Dr. Lesporis spoke on the topic of self-esteem, communication and sport among other relevant character-building factors.

To sum up a very engaging, informative and enlightening session, Dr. Innocent highlighted the need for preparation in sport and to be focused on achieving one’s goal.

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  1. Neuva Says:
    Has the fat lady sung her last song?
    Greetings folks I am glad you drop by, whether it was planned or accidental it is just fine with me, on this website you only get to read things of positive vibrations, like something dear to my heart, the degradation of a once prominent Island, there was a time not so long ago, you could fish near the shoreline, believe it or not, red and blue crabs use to run wild making their way to the beach, mango fruit trees were grown all along the roadside, was readily available to all no restriction, Julie mangoes included.
    Like everything else that is now almost gone out of existence, do you ever ask yourself why? Of course not, you just take it for granted and jot it down as a sign of the times, let me tell you that you are wrong if you think that way, thinking that way has consequences without measure, casing point the incoming foreigners have fenced you out and that is just the tip of the iceberg.
    Look around you my fellow St. Lucians, there is something radically wrong here, do you see any skilled migrants coming forward to house your hospitals? Oh yeah, that’s right you don’t have any hospital, the money is now in the pockets of those you trust to govern over you.
    Oh well let me tell you it should not ever be not kay sera, sera you should put your right foot forward and jam it in the doorway, your leaders have failed you, stolen from you, and left you for ruin, but they have not finish diminishing your resources, soon another set of do-gooders will come up for their share I guaranteed you wait and see.
    Who among you has the guts to challenge the system stand up and be counted, as I travel towards the twilight of my age my heart bleeds for a once prominent people of character, when everyone had equal rights and justice, if you think you are being victimized now just tarry a little while for the new system will send you one way trip to the gallows.
    Slow down you are moving too fast, relax long enough to ponder, and think of where you now stand, now try to remember a decade ago before independence, loyal St. Lucia had no debt hanging over it, a good day catch put money in the fishermen’s pocket, the sweet grass-fed your animals the slaughterhouse was full, vegetables were abundant and the market place was booming.
    We had no debts, we did not owe the World Bank, no loans from the Taiwanese government, and no panhandling yep we were not a nation of beggars, and then blindly with our noses we were led to the pasture to be a nation of beggars. It could be said for the infidels who fill their pockets with your resources, yes shame on them. Now it is much too late and the fat lady has sung her last song.

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