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21 Start Ups announced for 2nd Cohort of EC Greenpreneurs Incubator Programme

The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) in partnership with the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) are pleased to announce that twenty-one start-ups from the OECS have been selected to participate in the second cohort of the Eastern Caribbean Green Entrepreneurship Incubator programme.

The Incubator programme is a free, carefully curated training and mentoring programme designed to support green entrepreneurs to build robust and sustainable business models, and the skills, tools, and confidence to implement them for success. The programme features a 12-week virtual green business training based on the lean start-up methodology, a mentorship programme, 1-on-1 coaching and networking opportunities culminating in the Business Plan Competition where up to 10 businesses can qualify for grants of US$10,000.

Ninety-three businesses applied for the programme, however 21 were selected after a rigorous screening, evaluation and selection process conducted by a selection committee composed of key stakeholders from the business support network in the Eastern Caribbean. The selection criteria sought to identify startups with a green focus, strong entrepreneurial mindset, high growth potential and a level of inclusivity among other considerations.

Overall, Green Businesses are considered those offering services and products that support the achievement of environmental/social goals in the country. These include: selling products that offset or reduce imports; selling sustainable/renewable energy or energy efficiency products, services, or equipment; farms or food production businesses that use organic or regenerative agriculture techniques; businesses that reduce energy use or use renewable energy, reduce water use, reduce waste (such as recycling businesses or those that source re-used or local materials), or protect or conserve natural landscapes, address social issues (support vulnerable populations like youth, women, the disabled, reduce inequality/poverty etc ), or increase resilience to climate change (storm-resistant buildings and infrastructure, increased ability to recover from storms/flooding, etc).

The Eastern Caribbean Green Entrepreneurship Initiative was launched in 2021 and is being implemented by the Global Green Growth Institute in collaboration with the OECS Commission with funding from the Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD). The programme also features a green business Accelerator programme, which supports established green business through loan financing and access to a green investor network.


Team Lead

First NameLast NameCountryBusiness Name
LaNiaBynoeAntigua & BarbudaDown To Earth Vermicompost Farm
KyleJamesDominicaKJ Nutrition
LanaAthanazeDominicaEclat Nova Luxuries
LyndelParisDominicaParis Family Farm Inc
SamuelJonesGrenadaIsle Bee Well
DanielleBorielSaint LuciaBorganics
MitraCazaubonSaint LuciaNarrow Way Life
SheenaRoserieSaint LuciaFruti Harvest
LeonaMelius-MathurinSaint LuciaNatures Healthyeats
DamianAdjodhaSaint LuciaNew Flower Regenerative Garden
WilmaHutchinsonSt. Kitts & NevisWZSKN Poultry Pro
LaverneCAINESSt. Kitts & Nevisisland Garden
HydeiaTysonSt. Kitts & NevisOrganico869
VictoriaBaucum- BerkleySt. Kitts & NevisRiches of the Earth Farm
OtisJeffersSt. Kitts & NevisProduce Delight: Conscious Farming
MichaelHazellSt. Vincent & the GrenadinesVermigold
GordonShallowSt. Vincent & the GrenadinesThe Plant Doctor
BethPittSt. Vincent & the GrenadinesGreenline Dinnerware plate Creation
ChemoraMc KneeSt. Vincent & the GrenadinesSUS - Edibles
LavernKingSt. Vincent & the GrenadinesGrenadines Gold
LeezaCharlesSt. Vincent & the GrenadinesArubana Retreat

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    Neuva Says:
    I get to thinking that someday someone who is born in St. Lucia will elevate and chase those radical misfits out of the Island, mind you they now have a secure den to hide in, and regardless of how deep they go, the power of prevention can stop them. They are like rodents who when their population increases show up everywhere, big talk and small-minded people, living on your Island resources of sun sand, and seawater, nothing wrong with our visitors to fair Helen but how long do you think they will last with the level of crime being committed, and not on an average basis those thugs spend their worthless hours thinking about another killing, yet another suffering parent.
    Bring back capital punishment, I am reminded of the hanging of Fook Sal, all stood up and take notice, and a disciplinary period followed thereafter, we need to if you are found guilty your sentence should be swift with a good old-fashioned hanging, if you do the crime then you can take the punishment, the killings will never stop if the one doing the killing has more rights than the victim, waisting the courts precious time deliberating when caught in the act, while the other victims mourn theirs loses.
    To the honest and decent law-abiding citizen of St. Lucia, your Island is too small to accommodate a jailhouse of desperate criminals, I say they have forfeited their rights to society as a whole, why are you exposing their crime as if it is a beautiful bouquet, you put them on TV, and flash their blasted faces in your newspapers all for a buck or two, why interview such rodents.
    Goodness gracious for the love of God do something, say something out loud, not when people’s backs are turned, I know you too well my people, you have a lot to say when the backs are turned let me tell you this attitude is a coward’s and helpless state of mind. You only live once in a country without laws or with laws but not taken seriously is sure to fall into corruption.
    Making a big deal just because you place a woman at the helm does not stop crime, women are far superior to most men, but working within the corrupt system is a recipe for failure, so sorry most things have to change, get back to the conference table something you do so well, only this time express new ideas, borrow a page from the Roman Emperor rule with strength and purpose. I have yet to read up on something positive regarding my beloved Island that was not stressful.
    Every little promotion made to the people is such a big deal, every little gift given to the people is blown out of proportion and the people rejoice. Please fix the broken wheel before you load it with the manure of all kinds, we need a change for the better.

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