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Police Confiscate Witchcraft Equipment, High-Powered Rifles & More

Facing a public backlash for their efforts at easing gun-related incidents in the country, members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force this week showed they are still in the fight to eradicate violent crimes in the country.

Not only have they confiscated several unlicensed firearms, including two AR-15 high-powered rifles, with three empty magazines, last week in Faux a Chaux, Castries, but members also confiscated five pistols, one Uzi, 57 rounds of ammunition and arrested 21 individuals for unlawful gun possession and ammunition, including a wanted individual.

The successes to date were recorded within the last three weeks, driven by a revamped strategy deployed by officers within various units of the police force.

On Thursday 8th September 2022 Officers attached to the Special Services Unit, Drug Unit, Bicycle Patrol, Criminal Investigations Unit and the Major Crime Unit conducted the operation in Faux A Chaux.

During the operation a house occupied by Sean Phillips and Jenny Charles were searched and the two AR-15 rifles discovered. Both Phillip and Charles were arrested and charged for the Possession of Firearm.

On Friday 9th September, 2022, Officers attached to the Gros Islet Police Station, Criminal Investigations Department conducted an operation, along with Babonneau and Rodney Bay Police Stations in Monchy, Gros Islet.

During the operation, Stephenson Charles a 26-year-old of La Feuille, Monchy was searched in a small shop in the neighbourhood which resulted in the recovery of one black Smith and Wesson .40 pistol and nine .40 rounds of ammunition.

Stephenson Charles was arrested and later charged for the illegal possession of firearm and ammunition and escorted to the First District Court for bail. He was granted bail in the sum of $20,000.00 cash or suitable surety on the charge of Possession of Firearm, and on the charge for Ammunition the sum of $10,000 along with travel restrictions and reporting conditions.

On Sunday 11th September 2022 Officers attached to the Special Services Unit were conducting mobile patrols in the community of Bocage, Castries when they had reason to stop a motor vehicle with five occupants. One of the occupants threw a bag out of the window. A search was conducted and a black and silver JA9 firearm containing six rounds of ammunition was recovered.

In the car were Cidel Christopher age 22 of La Caye, Dennery; Annacis Stephen, 27 of Bocage, Castries; Clevy Andrew, 18 of Bocage, Castries; Asana Auguste 24 of Bocage, Castries and a 15-year-old Juvenile.

They were arrested and charged for the Possession of Firearm and Ammunition,  escorted to the First District Court and granted bail in the sum of $15,000 on the charge of Possession of Firearm and $6000 for Possession of Ammunition. They were also slapped with travel restrictions and reporting conditions. The juvenile in this matter was released in the care and protection of his parents.

Then on Monday this week, as a result of a joint operation led by the Criminal Investigations Department in Castries with the assistance and support from the Central Police Station, General Duties and The Special Services Unit, a search was conducted at Pearts Gap, Castries.

According to police, during the conduct of this operation officers proceeded to the resident of Natokie Anthony and Amber Luann Altenor where a Warrant to Search for Firearms and Ammunition and Electronics was executed. The search resulted in the recovery of the following items: one DJI phantom 4 pro plus drone, one SD Card, one Crow Bar, one Note 9 cellular phone, and witchcraft paraphernalia including: Two crystal balls, an Ouija board, a Holy bible- Heritage Edition, a Wiccan Bible, an Angle Witch Book and a Book of Shadows.

Both Anthony and Altenor were taken into custody. On Thursday they were charged for being in possession of Prohibited Imports (Occult Paraphernalia) under No. 13 of Schedule 3 of Section 84 (1) and Section 118 of the Customs (Control and Management) Act Chapter 15.05 of the Revised Laws of St. Lucia 2014. They were also charged for Unlawful Possession under Section 441 (1) of the Criminal Code of St. Lucia 2013.

They were granted bail in the sum of $1000 each, signing conditions were also attached to their bail conditions and the matter was adjourned to the 14th of October 2022.

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  1. Congratulations Saviors sent upon our mountains to bring RIGHTEOUSNESS
    back valiant and strong

    To bring JUSTICE
    and EQUITY resplendent and ebullient back to steady the pillars of our island home.

    And to welcome COMPASSION and KINDNESS back into the hearts and dwelling places of all St. Lucians and the strangers who dwell among us.

    GOD BLESS ST LUCIA and strengthen our law enforcement saviors in chasing crime and evil from the land.

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