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Message from His Excellency Arthur H.W. Williams – High Commissioner for Jamaica to the Jamaican Community in Saint Lucia

His Excellency Arthur H.W. Williams, Honourary Council Tyrone Chung.

At home and all around the world, Jamaicans will celebrate the 60th anniversary of our Independence, which, this year we do under the theme ‘Reigniting a Nation for Greatness’.

Jamaica has had its fair share of difficulties and endured hard times, but the great nation that we are, we have triumphed and our successes have been many.

I am pleased to know that the Jamaica/Saint Lucia Community – Friends in Helen is organizing events to commemorate our independence and to bring the Jamaican Community in Saint Lucia together for this our Diamond Anniversary.

I congratulate you for organizing your own celebrations and wish you every success.

Message from Organizing Committee in Saint Lucia

Jamaica and its people have come a long way and as we celebrate, we reflect on the struggles and the achievements that made us into a generation of resilient and tenacious people. We reflect on the courage of our forefathers, and we give thanks for the will power of our leaders today as they continue to navigate the road of independence. We recognize and appreciate that independence is not a destination, but a journey.

We embrace the abundance of our talent that our cultural, sporting, music icons among others are blessed with. Talent that is so often celebrated and highly appreciated by others around the world; a true demonstration of our ability to engender national pride across generations and other nations.

As Jamaicans living in Saint Lucia, we encourage each other to continue to remain “Friends in Helen” with Saint Lucians and fellow Jamaicans alike, as we are reminded of the mutual economic and social benefits that have emanated over the years, as far back as the 40s and 50s.

The theme for our 60th Independence provides you with an excellent opportunity, to determine how you, the Jamaica/Saint Lucia Community, can achieve this goal in your adopted homeland. It has been twenty-six years since the Community in Saint Lucia, was established, I urge you to continue to commit to re-igniting yourselves, to the greatness for which you are known, not only to Saint Lucians, but among the other Caribbean communities in Saint Lucia.

Happy 60th Independence to all!

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