Two innovative cottage type operations to be featured at Breadfruit and Breadnut Festival

Tea Garden 758 and E ! BON SAVON will be participating in the Breadfruit Festival hosted by the Holy Trinity Anglican Church and St Mary the Virgin at La Caye Dennery.

As part of the observance of Emancipation under the national theme “Enkindling our Consciousness” The event will be hosted at the historic Anglican school Annex.

Breadfruit Leaf Tisane by Tea Garden 758 in their promotional material states that the product ‘is an infusion of this pre-packaged tisane (12 sachets per pack) has a slightly nutty and mild flavour. It packs a very powerful punch and has an overall positive effect on the human body. Packaging is eco-friendly and the tea sachets are made with 100% percent bio-degradable corn fibre material with a high degree of permeability to allow for efficient infusion of the crushed leaves.

In discussing some of the Benefits of Breadfruit Leaf Tisane says that “Traditionally the leaves of the breadfruit (Artocarpus Altilis) tree have been used for the treatment of a wide range of illnesses from kidney disease and high blood pressure to skin condition”

e!Bon Savon was birthed during the Covid pandemic in 2020, by Shervon Monrose (Founder/Director) and Tristan Matthews (Co-Founder/Director).

The brand was initially known as SaintLi Savon and later rebranded due to similar branded product name on the market. The product started out with the natural plant base of Seamoss and has now over 10 different natural soaps which are built from organic ingredients found in St. Lucia. e!Bon Savon is an Eco-friendly natural soap using organic products based on their scientific properties to deliver an absolutely elegant soap.

Banane (Banana)   CocoMoss (Seamoss and coconut) CuVera (Cucumber and aloe) Lemongrass MorNee (Moringa and Neem) Oh Honey! (Honey and ginger)

RoseMoss (Rosemary and Seamoss) Seamoss

To date our product list of   E !  BON SAVON Includes:Turmeric and ginger Vege (Tomato and carrot)

Monrose states that “we decided to participate in the festivals headed by the Anglican Church for the simple reasoning, that we believed in their vision to raise awareness and showcase different ways that these organic plants found around us can be used. We identified with their compassion to innovate, leading the way forward through Agriculture.

The Breadfruit and Breadnut Festival commences with a church service at the Holy Trinity Anglican Church Sunday 31st July blessing of exhibits and continues for six days ending Saturday 6th August 2022.

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