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Authentic Saint Lucian Voices are Going Global

Two Saint Lucian Nationals have been named for the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority’s global marketing initiatives, as ‘The Voices of Saint Lucia’.

Broadcast Journalist with a passion for Saint Lucian Culture, Keba Taliam topped the female category while Theatre Arts Specialist and Dance Professor, Richard Ambrose topped the male category.

Richard Ambrose and Keba Taliam

Leading up to the July 7th announcement, twenty-two nationals auditioned before a panel of judges on May 26th, following which, six qualifiers in competition vied for the top spot.

The competition concluded with the front-runners participating in a professional in-studio recording session that was used to further determine the authentic voices of Saint Lucia.

“The Board of Directors of the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority is pleased that when we go to the marketplace, Saint Lucia will be felt from the first impression of our advertisements, until even after departure from the island. Having Saint Lucian’s own and being a part of the marketing of our coveted destination is just an amazing and unadulterated experience”, remarked the Chairman of the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority, Thaddeus M. Antoine.

Keba Taliam and Richard Ambrose will be invited to meet our team and enter into a contractual agreement with the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority as we prepare to monetize their voices in the global marketplace.

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