Happy Father’s Day Saint Lucia

We do not know how many fathers there are in Saint Lucia. Such a statistic is not forthcoming in Fair Helen, however, we are certain that the number is substantial enough to warrant tomorrow, Sunday June 19, to be a special day in many homes in Saint Lucia, celebrated as it will be as Father’s Day.

We also do not know the year when, for the first time, Father’s Day was officially celebrated in Saint Lucia. Neither do we know who was behind

that move, or whether the observation of Father’s Day in Saint Lucia is a ‘follow fashion’ kind of thing, where we simply adopted the practice from overseas, and as time went by, the day became sewn into the social pattern of our lives.

A useful statistic would be the amount of money spent on Father’s Day nationwide. And what kind of gift fathers receive the most on Father’s Day.

Is Father’s Day profitable to local merchants? Have we ever contemplated that? And what will dominate as gifts for fathers tomorrow? But most importantly, how much of an impact, beyond the commercial, Father’s Day has on the youths of this country?

Are Saint Lucians celebrating the enduring legacy of fathers and the power they have to shape the lives of their sons and daughters? Is the role of fathers in Saint Lucian society changing? Are more fathers caring for their children today or is society producing more deadbeat fathers today than before?

Can it be said that fewer fathers are the breadwinners in their families today compared to 10, 20 years ago? And have fathers relinquished their roles to mothers?

Can we say that couples in dual-income families now comprise the majority of two-parent families with children?

Is it safe to say that in Saint Lucia fathers are significantly more involved in childcare than they were in the past? And that they spend more time with their child/children than the mothers?

By any measure, do fathers have the ability to serve as important role models for their sons and daughters and to make a lasting impact on the lives of their children?

According to a publication on an online news site, the relationship between father and a child affects healthy development on a variety of levels, from language acquisition and cognition, to physical and emotional development.

Scientific studies have shown that fathers who care for, nurture and play with their babies,  raise children with higher IQs and stronger language and cognitive skills.

We hope that through the questions posed above,  one can come to the understanding that being a true father offers the opportunity to connect, inspire and have an impact beyond his mortal life.

As author and motivational speaker Leo Buscaglia observed, “If there is any immortality to be had among us human beings, it is certainly only in the love that we leave behind. Fathers like mine don’t ever die.”

We recognize that being a parent is one of life’s toughest jobs. We salute all the fathers who care about their children and inspire them to reach their full potential.

As we toast to the fathers this weekend, we would like to remind them to continue serving as strong role models to their children and take the time to invest in them.

Kudos to all the fathers who understand the importance of “paying it forward” and spending quality time with their children. Their legacy will

live on today and throughout the year in the hearts and minds of everyone who loves them.

Therefore it is with delight we say: “Happy Father’s Day” to each father who has stepped up to the plate and delivered. Your reward is in the legacy you will leave behind as your children and grandchildren assume their rightful places in the society, healing it amid the steadfast marching of time.

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