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Life is about making choices

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

Often it is said that you are what you display because your behavior is a reflection of your values. So, if you have no time to cook at home or you see no need to have a kitchen garden, then you will have no problem in embracing a fast-food culture that can be non-nutritious.

So, if because of this accepted lifestyle you become obese or have health issues, or suffer from diabetes or other related illnesses, who is to blame?

In the same way, I see some people dressing in some ways and ask myself what are their values.

I see young men with half their backsides out, with their trousers half-way down their rear end, and wonder if this is fashion, or are they sending a message, or do they even know the origin of that dress style.

Most young women choose to wear torn-up jeans, or short, tight-up dresses, leaving nothing for the imagination.

They sometimes tattoo their bodies like art boards and still wonder why some companies will not employ them.

I know that there is something called Freedom of Choice, but if you are not careful, you can display or portray the wrong message to people.

In the same way, some indulge in binge drinking, or smoking pot all day, and some think it is okay to beg or live off others. But these habits can create a noose around your neck.

It is obvious if you feel you must own a vehicle and cannot see sense in riding or walking, then you ought not to complain about rising gas prices.

If you choose to build a million-dollar house and you don’t work, you must steal to maintain it.

Life of any kind or type comes at a cost and if you hang your hat higher than you can reach, you will have difficulty in getting to it.

If you choose to remain unskilled, or choose not to educate yourself, why are you surprised that you end-up on the bread line?

Are you surprised that some mothers have a hard time caring for their family because they choose to have several children and cared not who fathered them?

Life is about making choices: what you sow is what you shall reap. If you choose to be un-Godly, why don’t you expect to do the Devils work?

Being criminal is sometimes a choice you make, being without a job sometimes is of your own doing and not making hay while the sun shine, or you did not save for a rainy day, then it is nobody else’s fault.

You need to wake-up and smell the coffee. The times that we live in and the future can become worse if you are not conscious of your lifestyle. Following the norm, or staying in style, can be detrimental to your own growth, so I urge you to pay attention to what’s going on.

You all have brains, you all have enough examples around you  that you can learn from others mistakes and you ought to know the difference between right from wrong, or positive from negative.

I know you think that it is the Government that’s responsible for your development, but may I caution you: they can only do so much; and helping yourself may be the better option.

So, open your eyes, look at the trends and pick wisely, or else Crapo will smoke your pipe.

Find a reason to seek a safer way of life, because if you don’t you may become a victim of your own circumstances.

You sometimes think that you have time to adjust, but time waits for no man, neither do we know the hour, because death comes like a thief in the night, very unexpected, so don’t be caught off-guard.

Just do good and good will follow you, because if you keep on doing bad, that is what will follow. The choice is always yours.

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