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Dennery Hospital Receives much needed Oximeters and Glucometers

The Dennery Hospital was the recipient of a donation of oximeters and glucometers which are expected to assist with improving health outcomes in the community and to better respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The donation of the oximeters and glucometers was made possible by Faces of Development Foundation, Valencia George and Dennery Junior Secondary School Class of 1981.

Representative of Faces of Development Foundation Dr. Xysta Edmund spoke on the importance of giving back to the community.

“The issues as it relates to health and my community are dear to your heart, so I am not standing here as Faces of Development alone, I am standing here as a team of persons working together at the community level. I want to put a call out to everyone to say that this is new model for development; coming together, working with each other in the community, identifying what is to be done.”

Principal Nursing Officer at the Dennery Hospital Yolanda Alcindor expressed gratitude to the donors for their contribution and commitment towards the health of the residents of Dennery.

“The oximeters will not only be used for persons accessing care at the Dennery Hospital, but as our community health aides go out in the community, it is very important that they assess the oxygen levels of persons who are homebound. So this donation is very important and timely.”

The glucometer is a device used to measure blood sugar levels while the oximeter is used to monitor the oxygen levels of a patient. – Fernelle Neptune

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