SLDA Iron Male and Female 501 / Mickey Mouse Darts Tournament Heads To Kimatrai Today

DAY two of the Iron Male and Female 501 / Mickey Mouse tournament will be staged today at the Kimatrai Hotel in Vieux Fort.

The tournament is held in memory of three national darters who passed away recently namely Jean Mathurin (2020) Theodosia Pierre and William Roschild (2021). The Saint Lucia Darts Association will also use this tournament to expose potential national darters to the sport.

(L-R) Tournament Director/ player, Trevor John, Delta John and Haig Louis will be in action today. (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)
(L-R) Tournament Director/ player, Trevor John, Delta John and Haig Louis will be in action today. (Photo: Anthony De Beauville)

Following this weekend’s showpiece at Kimatrai Hotel, the action moves to the Castries City Hall next Saturday (28th August), then to Prio’s Bar and Grill on Saturday 4th September. The tournament climaxes on Saturday 30th October with the grand finale at Prio’s Bar and Grill in Corinth.

Match days will be on Saturdays, with games starting no later than 2:00 p.m., players failing to comply will lose their match by default.

According to the SLDA, COVID 19 protocols will be in place, participants will be required to wear masks, sanitize their hands, and have their temperatures checked upon entry, and practice physical distancing as much as possible. Players will only be permitted to remove their masks when participating in a scheduled match.

Matches on the cards for today in the Ladies Singles: Jacinta Raggie vs. Delta Lionel, Andrea Leon vs. Leona Augustin, Jacinta Raggie vs. Marcia Norville, Jacinta Raggie vs. Leona Augustin and Marcia Norville vs. Leona Augustin.

Men’s Singles Group 1: Jonathan Emmanuel vs. Simon St. Romain, Haig Louis vs. Nerville Labadie, Cuthbert Tony vs. Henrickson Joseph, Peter Lionel vs. Simon St. Romain, Albert Henry vs Jonathan Emmanuel and Kevin Joseph vs Selwyn Maitland.

Men’s Singles Group 2: Linus Theophilus vs. Kurt Dickson, Lambert Charles vs. Lance Charles, Denis Louis vs Trevor John, Marcus Toussaint vs. Thomas Labadie, Donavan Medard vs. Kurt Dickson and Linus Theophilus vs. Alban Lay.

Day one of the tournament was last Saturday Prio’s Bar and Grill. In the ladies’ round robin group stage, Delta Lionel defeated Andrea Leon 2-1; she also went on to defeat Marcia Norville 2-0 in her final game of the night. Andrea Leon who went down to Lionel in her first encounter handed Marcia Norville her second defeat winning 2-1.

Group 1 men round robin stage – round 1. Henrickson Joseph defeated Albert Henry 2-1, Nerville Labadie had the better of Cuthbert Tony 2-0, while Haig Louis won over Peter Lionel 2-1.

In Group 2 men round robin group stage – round 1. Donavan Medar defeated Alban Lay 2-0, Marcus Toussaint had a similar margin of victory (2-0) over Denis Louis Thomas Labadie made light work of Lambert Charles winning 2-0, while tournament director/ player Trevor John dispose Lance John 2-0.

In terms of the tournament format, Tournament Director/ Coordinator, Trevor John said, “The matches played will be contested in sets consisting of alternating legs of games 501 and Mickey Mouse (20 thru Bull).”

John added, “In any one match, the game played in the opening leg will be determined by the winner of the middle who will throw first, with the second player throwing first in the second leg in which the other game will be played. Hence in any set the games played will be alternated during the legs. If there is a tie in legs, then the game played in the deciding leg will be determined by the winner of a coin toss, who will also throw first in that deciding leg.”

Two points will be awarded to a player for each set won in the Round Robin stage, and a score of 2-0 assigned to the player present for matches won by default.

The Ladies Singles, round 1 is a Double Round Robin (Best of 3 legs), the four players accumulating the most points advance to the next round; Round 2, Double Round Robin (Best of 5 legs), the three players accumulating the most points advance to the next round; Round 3: Single Round Robin (Best of 7 legs), the two players accumulating the most point advance to the Finals, while the finals (Best of 9 legs).

In the Men Singles, round 1: Group Stage – Single Round Robin (Best of 3 legs), all players will advance to the Knockout Stage in which their positions will be determined by the total number of points accumulated within their groups.

Round 2: Knock Out Round (Best of 5 legs), Round 16 (Best of 7 legs); Quarter finals (Best of 9 legs); Semifinal (Best of 11 legs); while the 3rd place playoff and finals will be (Best of 11 and 13 legs respectively) and schedule to take place at Prio’s Bar and Grill on Saturday 30th October.

SLDA reminder: All players will be required to wear full length pants, hats, caps, slippers, open toed shoes, shorts, or sleeveless tops will not be permitted during match play.

In terms of prizes, the male and female singles champions will take home EC$ 500.00 and a trophy, the second-place finisher EC$200.00 and the third place EC$50.00.

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