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Steve Squanders Thirty Years of Political Capital

By James Edwin

Many St. Lucians are likely to class today’s political news as surprisingly important, but between you and me, what happens today is usually laid to rest tomorrow, but based on that fact, it should be noted that people’s minds have already been made up in which direction their franchise will be cast.

Image of Minister for Infrastructure, Ports, Energy & Labour, Stephenson King
Former Minister for Infrastructure, Ports, Energy & Labour, Stephenson King

The Chastanet family was first targeted by Kenny Anthony and thereafter by Richard Fredrick.  Both individuals were unable to compete on a level playing field and the only way available to compete against Allen Chastanet was to operate subversively and so they have sown their seeds of deception.

The former leader of SLP pulverized Steve’s political future during the 2011 – 2016 era and took full advantage of his weaknesses, but Allen Chastanet saved the day for Steve by becoming political leader of the UWP and by extension Prime Minister of St. Lucia, thereby, permitting Steve to retain a ministerial position which eluded him and simultaneously moving him away from the clutches of Richard Fredrick.

Steve’s political stability was tested in the 2011 – 2016 era when the CSA supported by the SLP pushed for a 20% salary increase and finally settled for an increase of 14%, an increase unheard of in the realms of politics and Steve succumbed as he lacked the stamina to resist.  This failure cost the nation millions of dollars it could ill afford and which eventually turned around to bite Kenny Anthony and his party to lose the election in 2016 as the country was broke and could no longer borrow.

Today, despite the ravages of Covid-19 St. Lucia has addressed the infrastructure in a manner never witnessed before and gave many St. Lucians the opportunity to earn a living while the world remained locked down.  The nation’s economy   is on the path of success despite the gloom and doom of the opposition and their supporters who previously failed hopelessly in running the country and resorted to massive taxation.

In ensuring that the Castries North seat remains in Flambeau territory, Jeannie Giraudy has been selected to run the seat and the party is convinced that a well accomplished female with deep Flambeau roots is the right choice based on the twenty years of dedicated contribution to the UWP by her deceased dad, one of the most brilliant chairpersons that ever trod St. Lucia’s political arena.

In conclusion it now appears that this deceitful act was hatched several months ago as some SLP members, unable to contain the secret, permitted the current administration to safeguard itself.  We wish Steve all the best in his endeavours and sincerely trust that between now and election day he will have the strength and nerves to withstand the worries and sleepless nights he will encounter.

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