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Saint Lucia Observes Vector Awareness Week

Vector Awareness Week, which is marked in Saint Lucia by the start of the rainy season, brings attention and support to efforts to prevent vector-borne diseases by eliminating vectors in and around the home, through an integrated pest management approach which reduces the need for pesticide usage.

The 2021 Vector Awareness Week observances will run from June 7 to June 13 under the theme “Act Now, Know How; Vectors Live, Breed, Feed.” This year’s observances were launched on the morning of Monday, June 7, and were seen live on the National Television Network, and the Government Information Service’s social media platforms.

Activities for vector awareness week include the airing of Public Service Announcements to create awareness and persuade the audience to take a favorable action, dissemination of media cards conveying tips for reducing vector presence, loudspeaker announcements in communities, the launch of the official Facebook page of the Environmental Health Division, and a television production entitled “The Vector Encounter – A Closer Look!”

These activities will show the importance of reducing vectors, convey information about prevention and promote behavioral change for improved health and environment.

The Department of Health & Wellness asks the public to join in and be a part of this Vector Awareness Campaign 2021, by engaging in an activity to reduce vectors and/or sharing the information with your friends and family to ensure that the message reaches as many people as possible.

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