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Nurses Islandwide Receive Care Packages

The St. Lucia Nurses Association recently presented care packages to the nurses at the Millennium Heights Medical Complex expressing appreciation to them for their commitment to the profession.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health Benson Emile expressed heartfelt gratitude to the nurses for the services they extend to the public.

“As Saint Lucians we grateful. As an institution in the Millennium Heights Medical Complex we grateful. As a Ministry of Health and Wellness we externally grateful for the services that you provide and the services that you continue to provide. As much as possible, we will support you in your endeavors but we know that you are the ones on the ground, you are the ones making the commitment, and you are the ones making that self-sacrifice every day to ensure that we cared for as citizens of Saint Lucia.”

Chief Executive Officer of the Millennium Heights Medical Complex Siobhan James-Alexander says she is extremely proud of the nurses and will continue working with them to bring about success. “It is indeed a pleasure that we are standing here, I am standing here and recognizing your efforts the last year I am sure has been overwhelming and we must recognize your dedication, your loyalty, your selflessness and I think sometimes these things go unheard of and unspoken about, but we need to always celebrate our achievements and for us to actually achieve what we have done over the year despite all odds is significant. For now, I want us to celebrate that way, let’s give ourselves a tap on the back and say ‘thank you.’ The nurses have been phenomenal.”

President of the St. Lucia Nurses Association Alicia Baptiste saluted the nurses and asked them to continue being indispensable.

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