Improving Business Operations And Productivity

ALL organizations are in business to create value for customers, shareholders and stake holders. Whether the organization is for profit or non-profit, at the core of the existence of the business, is the idea or goal of creating value.

The Chamber of Commerce understands that, and in order for its member firms to provide value to customers they must produce quality and valuable products and services. This requires an effective and productive operations system. It is not uncommon for there to be misalignment between the operations system and the output levels that the organization desires. Thus the need for support in up skilling and training of staff to bring about a better alignment between current levels and quality of operations and desired output levels.

On June 9th and 10th 2021, the Workshop. “Improving Business Operations and Productivity” will be conducted for businesses keen to provide and produce products and services which create value for customers in the most efficient manner. The tools, knowledge and skills to be discussed and shared in this workshop will expose participants to effective techniques for bringing about significant improvement in productivity and operational performance of their business.

The current economic environment of increased competition, tight financial and depressed economic realities, are forcing organizations to find and apply methods to innovate and be more effective. Thus, the tools that will be presented in the workshop will allow businesses to improve their operations and by extension their productivity and profitability.

Participants will learn how to examine their organisation’s processes; analyze areas where weaknesses exist, identify shortcomings and focus on improving them.

The Chamber is confident that participating organizations, will benefit from this system thinking approach to their business and give their firm the global advantage they seek at this time as competition in all its forms is international. The Chamber further wishes to point out that the tools to be presented are equally applicable and relevant across sectors, public or private.

“The (general) body has agreed to be guided by the findings of the independent investigation to adhere to an international Best Practice. In keeping with our responsibility to serve and protect youth, the Saint Lucia National Youth Council has agreed to provide psychosocial support to the parties directly affected by the situation,” the Council declared, adding that as part of internationally adopted safeguarding standards, it will mainstream capacity building exercises that will better equip members to serve youth in areas such as but not limited to, child safeguarding, confidentiality, crisis management and constitutional reform.

“Additionally, we will introduce a standard office use protocol that will ensure the safety and well-being of every young person who relies on our headquarters as a safe space. We reassure our constituents and stakeholders of a fair and thorough process that aims to bring a timely resolution to the issue and proceed with the developmental agenda of the Saint Lucia National Youth Council,” ended the Council’s statement on its actions to date since the allegations of misconduct within its walls became public.

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