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Four in 24: Monday shooting ends National Prayer Day

The island is on the verge of recording two more homicides after two men were gunned down in the Dennery community on Monday night.

According to residents, a hail of gunshots pierced the night’s air, sending scores of individuals running for shelter.

Amateur video recorded from a mobile phone showed two male bodies with little to no vitals laying on the sidewalk with blood oozing from their bodies.

If confirmed, Monday’s shooting victims would tally to four in twenty-four hours, the number of individuals shot and killed; punctuating a religious weekend and National Prayer Day mired in bloodshed that also saw two individuals losing their lives to gun violence one of which was a young mother of one who was hit by a stray bullet.

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  1. On a day of prayer, the devil showed up, as if to say, who do you think you are; or, who do you think you’re fooling? This has become brazenly, a Godless and Lawless society, and I fail to see the end to all this violence, the Government will not do what is necessary to be done, and neither political party leader have the Balls to do what is necessary. How long can this go on? We have it on the books: You kill – you hang.

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