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Three Injured and One Dead in City Shooting

Police are investigating two shootings in Castries, one of which has left a man dead.

This afternoon (Monday 12th October), at approximately 3:00 p.m., police responded to several reports of gunshots fired in the Leslie Land community.

In amateur video footage that surfaced on messaging platforms, two individuals were in visible distress in the back of an open-back vehicle and one bloodied man lay on the ground awaiting medical attention. All were alleged to be victims of a brazen afternoon gun attack.

The gun violence continued in the evening with residence reporting the sound of multiple gunshots. “It sounded like an automatic gun”, one individual anxiously disclosed to our news desk. “It was like they were spraying the person they were looking for”.

One individual was found unresponsive on the ground.

More on this developing story in Wednesday’s issue of The Voice Newspaper.

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