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Massy Waterfront Gutted by Fire

Massy Supermarket on the waterfront was closed for Sunday shopping after a fire gutted through the establishment last night.

Smoke was seen emanating from one of the roof fans of the Conway Business Center (home to Massy Waterfront) as firefighters worked relentlessly to extinguish the blaze inside.


While the exterior was spared from the blaze, the interior suffered significant damage. “The fire destroyed everything”, one customer told The Voice. “What fire didn’t take, the water and smoke did”.

Management and a few members of staff were seen on the premises holding back obvious tears at the sight of their place of employment. Customers were encouraged to visit the William Peter Boulevard branch to complete their shopping.

Damage inside of Massy Supermarket

There weren’t immediate reports of damage to other offices housed in the Conway Business Centre and it is still unclear, what caused the blaze that has adversely impacted the lives of families employed with Massy Waterfront.

More on this story in the Wednesday edition of The Voice Newspaper.


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