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If we plant no seeds, we cannot reap any fruit!

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

ANOTHER silly season is here, so we hear pronouncements about what should or could be done for the youthful generation – that’s all we hear…

Mind you, many among us fall through the cracks because the wait and hope for promises to materialize seems to take forever.

Most try to migrate to fulfil their dreams and aspirations, some get frustrated and gravitate to a life of crime. Some are neither here nor there — and most need leadership and help, parental support, institutions of value and governments that care. But there is no national plan we can see that will really and actually rescue the youth, or give them the stability they need to make life easier for them.

Granted that at a young age some would rather play than work and most work for the money, but don’t enjoy the work they do, or get satisfaction for their effort.

The world is changing, there is a New World Order, new policies of change are at hand – and, more than ever, the younger ones need guidance, support — and a successful life.

We often plan, dictate, build and determine what type of country we want, such as the new concept of building a new Saint Lucia, but the big questions is: for whom?

Employment today is about being a servant, waiter, bell boy, security guard, driver, shopkeeper and so on, but not geared towards making them their own bosses, or in charge of their own destiny.

Everything one does these days they intend to get paid, as nothing is for free and volunteering is absent and scarce and opportunity is far apart from everything else.

We need to broaden the scope for growth. Sports should not be a hobby or waiting for some sponsor to organize a competition for pittance. The time is ripe to create the means to have professional clubs and systems for gainful monetary rewards to be derived, as well as technical workshops and industrial training that can lead to self-employment; and more entertainment centers and outlets for creative expressions can also offer more means for gainful employment.

We also need Agriculture that does not only mean planting bananas but which includes science and technology which can seem attractive and rewarding enough.

Marine skills such as life-guarding and boat operations, kite surfing or skiing, diving and the lot, can also become lucrative means of employment.

I mean, so much can be done and created, but we must show an interest and believe in starting with the positive ones among the young generation and giving them the needed opportunities.

Tourism can be more meaningful if tour guides are appreciated, if interpretation (of languages) is considered a necessary skill and sites can be developed at the rural level. But the problem is no meaningful planning, a government bankrupt of ideas and a division of class, petty directors and bosses all thinking about the mighty dollar — and self-enrichment.

If we don’t plant the seed, we cannot get fruits or rewards. But failing to do what has to be done is disgraceful and foolish and will cause more national stress.

In my opinion, whichever party wins the next elections will have to dig deep and find the right thinkers and planners to truly create a new Saint Lucia that is for and always will put its people first before foreigners.

Lastly but not at all least, there is even greater need now, with COVID-19, to give the seniors and elderly statesmen a chance to contribute.

Caring for all should be our new vision, so from cradle to grave, we will all prosper.

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