Creole Month and Breast Cancer Awareness

FEAR of the forest often crippled people who lived long, long ago. When unexplained sounds filled the dense canopy of the forest, it was often blamed on Papa Bwa who waddled around in search of mortals to intimidate. When students spontaneously disappeared, LaDjables was frequently accused of being the kidnapper. When they re-surfaced, tales of termite-eating, naked children would emerge to frighten unsuspecting villagers and constrain the will of free children.

Though aged, these stories remain to capture emerging anthropologists and youth who wish to discover cultural antiques. In the absence of television and internet, the storyteller was the tool used to bring people together to socialize. Essentially, the act of storytelling existed as rural theatre; scaring by entertaining. Today, this cherished antique is slowly being eroded. Why do you think this is so?

Stand in solidarity with the Be Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign by the Dominica CHS St. Theresa House this month. Wherever you may be …wear the colour and show your concern. There are several charities within the Island Neighbours which support Breast Cancer Research. Let us contribute to this cause. Encourage someone to do the test. Early detection is the key to saving lives. We can do it – one test at a time.

Neighbourly GetAways
Take storytelling beyond the shores of St. Lucia to the isle of flowers. There …discover the Chateau Depaz Garden – an exquisite garden which is complemented with ponds and European-inspired fountains. If that special someone is with you, take a ride on one of our horse-drawn carriages and glide gracefully through aisles of palm trees.
The best tour of folk tales in Guadeloupe is found in the many book stores on the island. Start your book search in Pointe á Pitre: Monde à lire, Librarie Chrétienne, in Petit Canal: Librarie Plus and others. Explore fabulous Caribbean stories retold to quench the zealous taste buds of theatre audiences.

Let’s Go Shopping!
Calling all shopaholics! In celebration of creole heritage month, we invite you to journey to the Kalinago Territory to re-discover, explore and experience the Amerindian way. Re-discover weaving, carving and pottery – making from larouma and coconuts. Search through the many craft shops on the compound and choose from baskets, mats, water goblets, ashtrays and ceremonial bowls. Purchase a few to give away as gift items or simply collect for that end-of-year home makeover. Live a little! Spend a little! Shop a little!

Historical note! The talk of rich indigenous oral literature is best represented by folk tales in the Caribbean. Get to know your neighbours!

A bit of the French for the Visitor
En raconter : To tell tales

Les Mythes

Once upon a time
Il était un frois

One day
Un jour

Le lendemain
The next day

Un magicien( M) Une magicienne (F)

Une sorciére

Un nain (M) Une naine (F)

Un géant (M) Une géante (F)

Une fée

Une reine

Un roi

Une princesse

Une sirène

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