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FRC Rebrands October’s Cultural Celebration to Mwa Éwitaj Kwéyòl!

Ahead of the launch of the month long October cultural celebration of Creole Heritage Month (CHM), the Monsignor Patrick Anthony Folk Research Centre (FRC) has announced the rebranding of Creole Heritage Month to ‘Mwa Éwitaj Kwéyòl’!

Upon completion of Creole Heritage Month (CHM) 2019, the FRC undertook a compressive assessment of the observation, to determine how to best reengage the Saint Lucian community, and by extension the global Creole Community, during CHM celebrations. A primary point of intervention for the FRC was the review of the Jounen Kwéyòl Charter established in 1984, and the Creole Heritage Month Mission Statement.

At a recent press launch, Executive Director of the FRC, Ms. Louise Victor provided some key insight into the institution’s approach for 2020, remarking, “we recognized it was important to refocus the activities on the core value of this monumental national observation of CHM – the Kwéyòl language.  Therefore, in efforts to safeguard this unique aspect of Saint Lucian heritage, Creole Heritage Month will be less anglicized and now be referred to by its Kwéyòl name – Mwa Éwitaj Kwéyòl”.

“The new Mission Statement affirms that ‘Mwa Éwitaj Kwéyòl aims to make the St. Lucian society aware of the strength and value of its Kwéyòl heritage and facilitate the understanding and development of its elements.’ This will be manifested through highly engaging daily and weekly content, language-based activities, and special events.” Victor added.

The FRC head also expounded on the organization’s strategic direction to target new demographics, to diversify membership, and create an enabling environment for transmission of St. Lucian heritage among generations. This will be reflected in the personalities and hosts of education-based programming, and the tone and modalities of the content. This is all aligned to FRC’s direction to forge stronger synergies with national agencies, and community groups who keenly represent milleinanals and youth.

In her presentation, Victor further commented, “this new virtual approach for Mwa Éwitaj Kwéyòl is in sync with FRC’s current digitization and virtual events and efforts, which commenced in July 2020.  This will continue into Mwa Éwitaj Kwéyòl, through our partnership with Events Company of Saint Lucia and the Cultural Development Foundation.”

The FRC has again partnered with Events Company of Saint Lucia (ECSL) and the Cultural Development Foundation (CDF) in creating an exciting and eclectic calendar for 2020. St. Lucians far and wide are invited to tune in to the official launch of Mwa Éwitaj Kwéyòl via the Facebook page of the Folk Research Centre on Sunday September 27, 2020 at 2:00 p.m., to be a part of this historic celebration.

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