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SLNT Violating its Ideology?

Image of an aerial view of the northern tip of the Cabot development, which has already broken ground in Saint Lucia. [PHOTO: Caribbean Journal]

IT is rather strange that the philosophy of the Trust has been found wanting based on a single analogy highlighted by the same media which they have consistently used to attack government. The Lord has his way of responding to individuals determined to undermine the authority of a constitutionally elected administration, thereby, permitting a wider cross section to revisit what is wrong. What took place at Cas En Bas on Sunday was a travesty in the eyes of a recognized Canadian investor, bearing in mind that we have a number of St Lucians currently employed in Canada within the farming industry. Based on a television show on Wednesday evening hosted by Calixte George Jr., it was absolutely clear that the Cabot investor was one with a decent track record based on his golf course developments worldwide, while on the other hand, Calixte introduced his own spin of what was expected by him personally re: the nature of investment for the property.

The NIC has a number of qualified individuals on their various boards who are capable of making decisions on behalf of the co-operation for the past 30 years. In the case of Cabot, St Lucia has benefited in several ways, firstly, the land was in the hands of a foreign company and purchased by Cabot with NIC holding a full charge over the property. This property lay idle for several years since the 2008 financial meltdown producing no income nor employment. NIC was able to invest in the project and obtain a fair return on their loan investment permitting the land to be secured by a St Lucian co-operation (NIC). St Lucian workers have now benefited from the investment and NIC itself benefits by way of contributions from the workers. This became a win – win situation for both parties.

Mr Toolsie and his Trust need to recognize that there was an inbuilt clause in the prison dispute that government had the final say in determining the best way forward, consequently, the idea of mistrust is nothing more than a fallacy and should no longer be considered as such, as the Trust is not a decision maker within the corridors of government.

— Edwin James

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