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Five Wounded in Gun Violence

GUNPLAY, violence and death dominated this week as police sought to bring order in Castries and surrounding areas.

It all started Tuesday night when five persons got shot, all in their lower extremities, while attending a house party in Marigot.

Police are investigating a shooting in Marigot that left five people injured, among other violent incidences.

The two females and three males who received gunshot wounds could not assist police by way of the identities of the shooters nor were they able to give police information that may lead to the shooters, according to a police source, although they gave statements to the police.

Prior to that shooting, another man from the Marigot area was also reportedly shot multiple times. According to reports, he is in stable condition.

While no one has been arrested in connection with either incident, police say they have not given up in getting to the root of the matter and that investigations are ongoing.

On Wednesday morning a rather baffling scene greeted police in Bois Patat. There they encountered a dead body supposedly with a gunshot wound.

A postmortem was pending at press time yesterday to determine the cause of death. Also, at press time police were waiting for someone to come forward to identify the body. Not even a next of kin has been identified to date.

On Wednesday evening in Faux a Chaux reports are that members of the Special Service Unit (SSU) were there in response to a shooting. They were asked to assist in ending an altercation when someone decided to show his might by bad-mouthing the officers, even going as far as threatening the officers who in turn decided to arrest him, an act that turned into a scuffle between the man and the officers.

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  1. Woe, Woe,Woe, a Lawless and Godless society, amidst a fearful and vicious
    attack by a health pandemic.There seem to be no fear of the dreadful contagion
    nor any respect to the laws of the nation; so some degenerates have felt it free
    to brake the law, go ahead to shoot irrespective of the outcome, be the victim is
    dead or not, they could care less. We in St.Lucia did once pride ourselves as a
    law abiding Christian society, but in the last forty years or so, we have witnessed
    a definite slide in the breakdown of law and order. It is believed to be due to the
    influence of Gang membership and their battle to control the Drug trade within
    and out of the country. I may be wrong but what else it may be, at a time such as
    this, it is not good news, irrespective of the political stripe of the administration.
    Someone have to stand up to do something, for this has gone on for too long and
    to far and deadly to play around with. How many more to be shot dead or injured
    before ‘War is declared’ on these gang of criminals? It cost the tax payer amounts
    we cannot afford for hospitalization, imprisonment, legal cost etc. etc. criminals
    have no fear or any respect to whoever is in power: they’ll steal, kill and destroy.

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