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Know Your Labour Act

LABOUR law delineates responsibilities and privileges of workers and employers. These laws are designed to maintain employee safety, health, happiness and satisfaction, which when present, all tend to yield a more productive work environment. Within this context, the St Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture is pleased to announce a one-day workshop designed to make attendees more knowledgeable on Division 10 of the St Lucia Labour Act.

Last year’s workshops received outstanding positive feedback and calls for further elaboration. This the Chamber will do, however for those who missed last year’s session, here is a chance to be brought up to speed.

This full day event, facilitated by Cheryl Goddard-Dorville of Goddard Dorville Legal will take place from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Tuesday 21st January, 2020 in the Kreole Conference Room at Coco Resorts in Rodney Bay, Gros Islet.

The day’s proceedings will be split into two sessions; a comprehensive legal presentation to commence in the morning which will then be complemented by an afternoon of practical engagement. The morning’s lecture will cover the following areas Valid Reason for Dismissal, Unfair Dismissal, Constructive Dismissal, Warnings and Termination for Misconduct, Natural Justice Safegaurds, Constructive Redundancy and Certificate of Termination.

The Business Community is urged to capitalize on this opportunity to understand and become more informed about employer obligations as well as those crucial guidelines enshrined within the Labour Act.

Contact the St Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture for registration details to secure your seat via telephone at 452 3165 or via email at

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