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Maintenance Needed!

Image of parents and students leaving the school.

MS EDITOR, there are too many places of employment in Saint Lucia where working conditions are substandard and definitely not conducive for the services that they are meant to provide and this is what makes me mad. For instance, the schools lack proper furniture, many business places have poor working environments and as for the hospitals, they should be given other names because they are not equipped to provide quality health care to our citizens.

Firstly Ms Editor, many schools in this country are not conducive to learning. I am not even speaking about the littering and garbage around the compound though these are major issues as well. I am referring to the termites which plague many schools island wide. Numerous schools have had to be temporarily shut down by the ministry due to termite infestation. The furniture is rotten in some cases and unfit for use. Though, the ministry has done work to alleviate the situation, it keeps recurring. Moreover, doors have holes and the wood appears to be rotten; teachers’ cubicles are infested plus their books and other materials are being destroyed by termites. Termite droppings have been falling from the ceiling and onto the students’ bodies which causes skin irritations. Then, there are faulty windows and doors. When some doors are closed, the only way to open them is from the outside. How can that be safe Ms Editor? These are hazards, plain and simple. Additionally, whenever it rains, students get wet because of broken or non-functional windows.

Not only are there issues in schools but in some business places as well. Many business offices are in buildings which are poorly maintained which puts workers’ health at risk. Recently, I witnessed a middle aged woman fall through a chair on which she sat. It turns out that the seat was severely damaged by termites. Though her injuries were not serious, she got some bruises and had to stay away from work for a few days. Ms Editor, this situation could have been avoided had proper maintenance been done. This is our reality and it really makes me mad.

Finally, Ms Editor our hospitals are in a deplorable condition. They are understaffed, poorly maintained and are lacking in medication and medical supplies as well. The plumbing in some instances is not functional. Therefore, staff has had to carry water to attend to patients who are bed-ridden. Furthermore, because of insufficient beds, surgeries have had to be postponed. What kind of health facilities are these, Ms Editor? Our hospitals do not have enough beds for the patients; could anything be more ridiculous, Ms Editor?

To conclude Ms Editor, can you see why I am so mad? The environment in the public places that I have mentioned are in need of some serious attention. We the citizens demand better conditions at our schools, health facilities and business places.

Yours sincerely,
Samali Vincent

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