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Micoud Community to Host Historic Creole Panel Discussion

FOLLOWING the success of the inaugural Festen Jwe event on Sunday, October 20th the community of Micoud through the Creole Heritage Planning Committee will stage a first ever Creole Panel Discussion on Thursday October 31st, 2019. The historic event will be held at the Micoud Secondary School commencing at 6:00 p.m. and will mark the culmination of activities commemorating Creole Heritage Month.

The month end panel discussion will address the topic: “Should our Creole Culture be Modernized to make it more attractive to the Youth?” (Creole translation: Èskilti kwéyol nou sipozé modennizé pou fe’y pli an gou jennès?). A diverse cadre of five panellists comprising: a university lecturer, teachers, cultural activist, youth leaders, university graduates and a school principal; will address this provocative topic. The panellists for this historic event are Sandra Evans, Yanette James, Dave Charlery, Jacqueline Inglis and Selva Wilson. NintusMagre will serve as the Moderator.

This panel discussion will provide an opportunity to explore this controversial topic from various angles. The panellists are expected to examine the topic in its many facets; making for a very rich contention of ideas and perspectives. Some of the aspects of the topic to be dissected include ‘Can our culture be modernized?’, ‘What are the nuisances of our youth that prompt questions or doubt in relation to the creole culture?’, ‘Are our youth familiar with our creole culture?’, ‘Have we done enough to educate the youth on our creole culture?’, and ‘Are the youth (through their work in the field of music, e.g. Dennery Segment) not already modernizing the creole culture through their actions?’

In examining the topics at hand panellists will draw from their areas of expertise and interest such as education and the curriculum, language, entertainment, youth development and culture.

All are invited to be part of what promises to be informative and provocative panel discussion on October 31st from 6:00 p.m. at the Micoud Secondary School. Arrangements are being made to have this event televised via local media and streamed live on Facebook.

Tout Sent Lisyen, vini Mi koupatisipéan Gwan Diskouasou Kilti Kwéyol an wapoépiJennèspéyi-a.

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  1. My oh my; times have changed. Seeing that Table and these fancy
    executive leather chairs – at Micoud? that can’t be the Micoud I once
    knew. well well well, I’m impressed. At last something good is working.

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