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Is There No-Turning-Back From Our Dog-Eat-Dog Ways?

Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

THIS question is frequently asked of themselves by most: What is the significance or purpose of my life?

The question can be considered complex, but only if you have not given it prior thought.

So often you hear of a friend’s death and wonder: if he or she got to fulfill their life’s purpose, were their actions in keeping with God’s intended plans for them, did they do good (as in assisting others), were they mean and selfish and just criminal in behaviour, or did it matter not how they behaved or how their lifestyle affected impacted others, were they part of the solution or part of the problem, did they help advance this society or barely cared about their role in the universe…

Thanks to the good souls and the pure in heart, blessings to those who have hope and guidance to the needy, we are all here just for a time and whether young or old, our days are all numbered.

I say so, because the environmental concerns are becoming worse and there is so much trickery, deceit and negative behaviour.

It is like everyone you meet or know about seems to be on a path of destruction, nobody seems to care or want to speak out against injustice, every one fends for themselves…

It’s like we are living in a dog-eat-dog society — and there is no turning back.

Sadly, those we leave behind will live without guidance.

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  1. Dear Carlton – we all live in two worlds, one which is good, the other evil.
    Some of us live in a world of unknowing, some are trying hard to find that
    place where they can view that rainbow from a distance. Brother you are not
    far from the Rainbows’ Edge. I grew up in an age when I knew who in Castries
    had a car and the number of the Governors’ car was No.1. Tell me brother, why
    today are there so damn many? some with heavy tainted windows driving on the
    wrong one way streets. Some use theirs to go to their churches on the Sabbath day.
    To each his own brother, whatever you do, let it be a blessing to all. ‘He is watching us’. .

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