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Garbage in Garbage Out

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Independent Eye by Kensley Peter Charlemange

SOME people are in expectation of my review of the Invest Saint Lucia, Entrepreneur Meetup, held a few weeks ago. I was way into the article but I got into an accident with my tablet, so again it will delayed. Be sure though, that I will get back to it as soon as I am able to retrieve the information or start all over again.

Elections are coming and this government will be given a failing or passing grade. Sadly, the SLP got a failing grade in 2016, just as they did in 2006. And we thought they had learnt their lesson. I can say the same for the UWP and quote the years as well. So the recycling continues.

I was at Teachers College when this golden child of politics entered the race. A new wave of excitement was created. Remember the pink mealybug slogans? Twenty plus years ago, I had no inclination toward politics. I had never voted then. Even with all the strong current and high gusts of the election weather system, I was not inclined to cast a vote. I realized soon enough that this system was not working to the benefit of the masses and hence my entry into politics. As they say, ‘curse the darkness and light a candle’, a philosophical mantra that I have embraced.

The garbage is still out there and it seems like the recycling is still on. In 1997 people were tired and wanted that ‘change’, as elusive as it might have been. “Change is coming,” this administration proclaimed during their last campaign. Well, like plastic pollutants, we need to phase out these strains of politicians for any meaningful change to occur. New thinking is needed. A new paradigm needs to set in. Phasing out may not be drastic enough. When I proposed an annihilation of this present system, (not individuals or personalities), I was taken to task for my strong language.

It is in the air again, the need for something new and different. People are resistant to change so whoever or whatever new is coming has to come good. In fact, better than good.

So the challenge is on; certainly not a one man or one woman job. I have always been of the conviction that if a viable alternative had presented themselves in 2011, neither of these parties would have stood a chance at the poles. Is the current the same now? Just as strong? I cannot say. So it is now time for us to think, who do we want in? I can make my own list here but I await your responses.

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  1. Of the present crop – nada – for a venerable angelic one – nada.
    So my dear son, no one gave David a chance against Goliath.
    From such logic,one fails if one fails to try; its yours to have or have not.

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