Natural, or Full Faced… You Choose!

ENJOYING the benefits of makeup doesn’t necessary mean that you don’t appreciate your own natural beauty. After all, makeup was intended to enhance natural features, and not necessarily to change them altogether. Sometimes though, the time that it takes to apply makeup can be a deterrent, especially if you’re trying to rush to the office, or head out on a quick lime with friends.

Here are 12 tips and tricks to help you perfect the look you want, without having to lose precious time experimenting!

1. Get Wider Eyes Using Mascara
If you’re a bit self-conscious about the shape and size of your eyes (maybe they’re a little smaller than the average person) then this is for you. Get out your favourite mascara and sweep it towards yours nose instead of upwards. This will make your eyes look bigger and also make your lashes look fuller.

2. Mater the Smoky Eye Look
Everyone loves the smoky eye look, but sometimes it can be hard to perfect it. With your eyeliner, draw a slanted hashtag at the corner of each eye and then blend it in with the rest of your eye make-up. You should be looking smoky and sultry in no time.

3. Make Your Eyeshadow Pop
If your eyeshadow looks a bit dull and you want the colours to pop more, then use this. Apply white eyeliner all over your eyelid, and then apply your favourite eyeshadow. The white eyeliner will help bring out the colours.

4. Get Rid of those Dark Circles
Dotting your concealer is a thing of the past. Instead, apply your concealer in a triangle form. The base of the triangle will be under your lash line and the tip is on your cheek. This will help cover those dark circles properly.

5. Make Full Use of your Mascara Brushes
Buying new stuff is expensive, so why not reuse what you already have if you can? If you’ve found your favourite mascara brushes reuse them especially if the brand costs a lot of money. Wash them out and combine them with another brand so you optimise and get better results.

6. Apply Lashes properly
Who doesn’t struggle with this? To apply your lashes the right way, put a thin line of glue on your lashes and let it dry slightly for at least 30 seconds. When applying this will help prevent the lashes from sliding off.

7. Get Longer Lasting Make Up
If you want your make up to last longer, then add make-up spray and or setting powder to your collection. Setting your face with a translucent powder will keep your make-up in place for hours, along with sealing it in with a make-up spray. Eye primers also help with your eyeshadow lasting longer.

8. Show Off Super Smooth Skin
If you don’t want your face to look overloaded with makeup, mix a small amount of your favourite BB cream with your favourite highlighter. This will help make your skin look smooth, shiny and fresh. This is especially good in the summer.

9. Make Your Lipstick Last Longer
Add one layer of your desired lipstick colour then place a piece of tissue on your lips to remove any excess. After, dust translucent powder on your lips. This will help make your lipstick last longer.

10.Use Primer
When it comes to priming your face instead of rubbing it on, pat the primer into your skin with your hands or a beauty sponge. This will help ensure that it fills in the crevices of your face giving you an even base.

11. Use Natural Contouring
It’s difficult to find the perfect place to apply your bronzer and blush. To make it easier for contouring use an eyeliner pencil or makeup brush handle. Place the straight edge directly underneath your cheek at the right angle and apply the bronzer or brush.

12. Don’t Forget Makeup removal
Remove your makeup with oil before cleansing your face. Oils are great for dissolving makeup, especially the ones that are water proof.

Hopefully these tips and tricks make your day to day makeup routine a bit easier!

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