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Our Future is Bright with These Kiddies

Image of Young models from Splash HD.
Image of Carnival brotherhood.
Carnival brotherhood.
Image of Young models from Splash HD.
Young models from Splash HD.
Image: For the love of culture.
For the love of culture.

HOW about we do away with plain old carnival, and concentrate only on the magnificence that is Junior Carnival? Just kidding! We know ‘big people’ carnival is the reason Kiddies Carnival exists in the first place, and that what happens at the latter is a reflection of what the children see being played out every year as part of our cultural celebration. ‘Monkey see, monkey do’… and in the same manner, children emulate everything that we the older (and hopefully wiser!) ones do and say. From the winning smiles and joyful faces spotted at the Kiddies Carnival parade this year, it appears that we, or at least the families of these bright ones, are doing something very right!

Image: One of many mini revellers.
One of many mini revellers.
Photo ready.

Kayra Williams was born on the island of St Lucia on April 6, 1989. From the moment she learned to read, she spent every waking moment with her nose buried in whatever literature she could find, choosing often fiction novels and deciding early on that she wanted to be just like the authors in the pages that mimicked real life.

Her voracity for words led to numerous creative writing awards in primary and secondary school, and thereafter, she accepted a job offer with the Star Newspaper at the age of 17.Read full bio...

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