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Ole Mas – Still Striving

Ole Mas 2019 St. Lucia

Ole Mas is a feature of our carnival that makes carnival what it is. Try to imagine a Saint Lucian carnival without Ole Mas? Should that ever occur, then carnival would not be experienced the way it should be experienced.

Ole Mas 2019 St. Lucia

This traditional form of carnival in Saint Lucia is highly anticipated by many. That it has survived the metamorphosis of carnival over the years is testimony to the dedication of Saint Lucians to the artform.

Ole Mas 2019 St. Lucia

Encouraging is the fact that every year there seems to be a new player in this traditional section of carnival, a sure sign that Ole Mas is in no way dying.

Ole Mas 2019 St. Lucia

Those individuals whom, over the years, have dedicated to bringing ole mas to the people, striving each year on presenting satire, wit, theatre and pun must be acknowledged.

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