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Carnival 2019 Ends on High Note

A scene from Carnival 2019

Carnival 2019 ended on a successful note despite the controversy which erupted over the nudity or near nudity of some revellers.

In fact.organizers of the event yesterday admitted to nudity being on display noting that police have a duty to uphold the law.

A scene from Carnival 2019
A scene from Carnival 2019

“I have no moral authority to make any decision on how people dress, how people behave. What I am concerned about is the breaking of the laws of Saint Lucia and the police having a responsibility to do their duties,” said Agnes Francis, Chairperson of Events Saint Lucia, organizers of Carnival 2019.

According to Francis there was nudity in carnival. She added that this was not acceptable. She spoke of having seen two or three children watching lewd acts during the parade of the bands.

Old, new and social media were a blazed with discussions on the subject. However, despite the uproar caused by the nudity or near nudity as explained by many, carnival was recorded by the organizers as a success.

“Carnival 2019 has been a resounding success in terms of the size, in terms of the quality and in terms of the merriment by competitors, revellers and spectators,” Francis said, adding that the standard of the competition was exceptionally high this year and that patron attendance was larger than last year.

 The music and the vibration of revellers rocked the City of Castries on Monday and Tuesday. The atmosphere, which was infused with the exuberance and titillation of revellers, spread beyond the barriers and captivated crowds which came from near and far to witness the Parade of the Bands. The memories of Saint Lucia Carnival 2019 will certainly resonate in the minds of spectators until next year.

 Spectators lined the streets of Castries to catch a glimpse of the bands; children were propped up on the necks of parents so they could have the best view, and the Castries Waterfront was turned into a mini marina as boats from various resorts and private owners brought guests to watch the action from the waters.

 The Parade of the Bands started at the Choc Roundabout and matched toward the City of Castries via the John Compton Highway. Sections of each band were put on display before a panel of judges upon a stage which was erected on Jean Baptiste Street. It was on this stage that the various Carnival Bands competed for the 2019 Carnival Band of the Year title.

 The judges’ results were announced on Wednesday July 17th at the Cultural Development Foundation at Barnard Hill, Castries. In 4th place was ‘Just 4 Fun’ Carnival Band with 365 points; in 3rd place was ‘Fuzion Mass’ Carnival Band with 373 points; in 2nd place was ‘Xuvo’ with 426 points; and in 1st place, winning the Carnival Band of the year was ‘Tribe of Twel’ with 440 points.

 On behalf of Events Saint Lucia, Francis went on to express gratitude to stakeholders, the Calypso Management Committee, the Calypsonians and Soca Artistes, the Carnival Bands Association, the Carnival Bands, the Police, the sponsors and the volunteers for all their cooperation for Carnival 2019.

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