The Wisdom of Stepping Back

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“Sometimes you have to step back to see your true vision”- Unknown

Carissa’s Heart Space By Carissa Daniel

Yesterday I had a profound conversation with a very dear friend. In our usual fashion we gave each other updates on the happenings of our lives.

I eventually inquired about her business and this was her response, “I have stepped back completely. What I am doing instead is, holding myself open to whatever comes.” The wisdom in her words resounded so deeply within my heart.

Have you ever had the experience where you were tirelessly working on something, pushing, grinding and trying to make it happen, and the more you pushed, the more it seemed like nothing was happening? You gave it your all, mind, body and soul and your results seemed to be the same as if you were doing nothing?

Yes, I know this feeling very well. This is what happens when we are too close to something and our line of sight is limited. We are no longer able to see the bigger picture and we are restricted by what is in front of us.

Think about being in an airplane and the vast line of sight you are afforded while being that high up in the sky. And now think about when you are on the ground and can only see your immediate surroundings. Which view provides a clearer picture of reality, the view from the plane or the view from the ground?

Frequently taking time, to step back from people, things and situations, can help you to see more, explore more, know more and gain crystal clarity to move forward in a more strategic and purposeful way.

The next time you are feeling stuck; overwhelmed, pressed, uncentered or confused, remember to take a step back.

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