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Digicel Gets Carnival Atmosphere Going In Castries

Digicel Gets Carnival Atmosphere Going

On Friday, June 14, Digicel launched their Carnival Proud Campaign at the Digicel Experience Store in the Boulevard, Castries. The event saw the attendance of various Junior and Adult Carnival Bands, who took the opportunity to showcase their carnival costumes for 2019. Some of the bands making an appearance included Just4Fun, Xuvo, Xtatic, Tribe of Twel, Fuzion, and NouWivay carnival bands, all of which will receive sponsorship from Digicel this year. Various carnival events are also being sponsored by Digicel, and event organizers expressed their gratitude for Digicel’s support. Saint Lucia’s carnival is about a month away, and expectations are high for an exceptionally fun-filled carnival season.

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  1. You call this Carnival, but I have a different name for this.
    Year after year this crude showcase is showing it’s ugly side
    and the very young are sent a message, that if auntie can do it
    and get away with it, when I grow old enough I’ll do even better.
    One of these days, I wont be surprised if a band comes out strictly
    for the nude. At that point, I’ll seek to denounce my citizenship. Shame
    on the organizers to allow so much skin. The decline of morals is taking
    a steep downward slope, and they call it – culture. Please think of the very young.

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