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Who To Believe?

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

Knowing who to believe and who is speaking the truth is becoming a task these days. Frequently you hear press releases from the government of the day and assume that everything is alright, or that their planning and pronouncements are on target. Yet, you would hear from the opposing party, contrary views or statements often condemning particular projects and pronouncements.

Take for instance the St. Jude saga. It was felt that the project or buildings were near completion, or almost ready for use. This was welcomed news considering the length of time associated with it. Then came talks of demolition and the need to rebuild a completely new unit!

This muddies the water and leaves people in doubt as it relates to where things stand.

This type of uncertainty seems to relate to almost every pronouncement made to date. Today you hear about the closure of a particular department, or the intention to demolish a particular building, for this and that purpose or for that reason, and yet there always seems to be policy changes or delays as it relates to the statement made, or suggested completion dates.

This leaves doubt and causes people to question motives and policies. Nothing remains the same and we all know that change is inevitable, but there has to be some kind of order in these things, not build today, discard tomorrow on the basis that what was done yesterday, is not in our interest today.

No government régime will remain in office permanently, and it takes money to build and construct. Regardless who is elected to form the government, planning should be ongoing, and continuous. It should never be in the interest of a few or done to prove a point.

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