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Wrecked vehicle Vigie Beach
Front of the wrecked vehicle

Approximately 6:00 p.m. this evening, medics from the Fire Service, Red Cross, and officers from the Royal St. Lucian Police Force answered a call of a vehicular accident on the Vigie Beach.

According to an eye witness, “the vehicle veered off the main highway at what appeared to be top speed before clipping one of the almond trees and rolling over (flipping) three times before coming to a stop on the shoreline.”

vigie beach wrecked vehicle
The wrecked vehicle being toyed from Vigie Beach

As waves lashed away at the mangled vehicle, the belligerent driver, who miraculously walked away unscathed repeatedly refused medical attention.

However, after much persuasion and at the behest of the officers, he yielded and was taken to the Victoria Hospital for treatment.

The wrecker crew working to remove the vehicle from the beach

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