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CSA Wants Meeting With Agriculture Minister Over Future Of SLMC Employees

Image of Minister for Agriculture, Ezechiel Joseph

THE Saint Lucia Civil service Association has written to Agriculture Minister Ezechiel Joseph requesting an audience with him regarding the eminent closure of the Saint Lucia Marketing Corporation.

Image of Minister for Agriculture, Ezechiel Joseph
Minister for Agriculture, Ezechiel Joseph

About 50 employees of the Corporation are to be made redundant on the first of next month. It has been reported that the facility, for over a year, had been undergoing a process of self-examination with its stakeholders and trying to decide on the best way forward.

The Corporation, which has been in operation for decades has been said to not meeting its mandate. It is yet to be unveiled the new policy direction for developing a new marketing entity to better serve fishermen.

The Corporation it has been said has not been meeting its objective, over the years, which has to do with meeting the needs of the fishermen.

The Corporation is currently going through the process of making staff redundant and allocating them the redundancy payments.

Meanwhile the CSA says the meeting it is asking to have with the Agriculture Minister has to do with the future of the workers.

“Notwithstanding that a decision had been taken by Cabinet, we remain concern that our members do not suffer a similar fate as the former employees of the Saint Lucia Tourist Board and Radio Saint Lucia,” the letter to Minister Joseph stated in part.

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