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NWU President threatens to sue CSA General Secretary

Image of CSA General Secretary Claud Paul. (Photo by PhotoMike)

GENERAL Secretary of the Civil Service Association (CSA) Mr. Claude Paul could find himself facing a lawsuit early next year, should he refuse the terms outlined to him in a letter from attorneys representing the National Workers Union (NWU) president, Tyrone Maynard.

The VOICE has learned that Paul, last month, may have made defamatory statements against his sister trade union and its president which were aired on a number of media houses on the island.

In a letter dated 17 December 2018 addressed to Paul, the NWU attorneys noted that the defamatory statements were broadcast during the evening news of several stations and publications and the topic of a number of radio call-in programmes in the days following the published comments.

The attorneys representing the NWU and Maynard, via the letter, stated that they had advised their clients of their entitlement to substantial damages for the injury to their reputation and feelings and invited Paul to make a proposal for an out-of-court settlement.

The letter to Paul ended by informing him that should the attorneys representing the NWU and Maynard not receive a satisfactory response from him on or before 15 January 2019, they shall proceed on the basis that he had rejected their offer of an amicable settlement of the matter and promptly initiate legal proceedings against him, the CSA and the media houses that published his statements.

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