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There’s No Smoke Without Fire!

Castries Central MP, Richard Frederick. [PHOTO: Stan Bishop]


JUKE Bois continues to irritate Richard Frederick endlessly, causing the runaway former UWP politician to lose his cool.

Frederick is now experiencing the old saying that the longest rope has an end.

Juke Bois knows a lot more than he has already divulged as TRUMP’S WALL not only extends to the Mexican, border but also all around those who remain ‘persons of interest’.

Besides the Marigot former partner, there are others now plucking the courage to come forward and disclose their experiences.

Only this week, the police welfare Association reminded the Minister of National Security that IMPACS referred to business persons and politicians and these comments must not be taken lightly, or, as the saying goes, there is no smoke without fire.

Karma is resonating more quickly than we can truly imagine. (Lionhearted)

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