The Big Wood Man Rides into Laborie

Image of The Big Wood Man

PRESS RELEASE – The one-man show, The Big Wood Man, featuring Kennedy Boots Samuel, is in Laborie this Saturday at the Laborie Parish Hall at 8:30 p.m. After a strong performance in Dennery on October 13th, the actor and his director, Kendel Hippolyte, continue on their mission to take the show to communities outside of Castries.

Image of The Big Wood Man
The Big Wood Man

This is a theatre piece that pulls out all the stops to take the audience on an entertaining and thought-provoking ride through some big questions: What makes a man a man? What makes a man a father? What is underneath all the distressing male sexual violence which is so prevalent in our society and other societies?

Whether one thinks the questions are really answered is a question too. But the theatrical ride through them is entertaining and involves the audience in every way.

Boots Kwik-Kwak story-telling, songs, stand-up comedy style, Ole Mas teasing and even some video as he takes us into incidents and situations we know so well.

We hurt both from belly laughter at the outlandish humour and from the pain of seeing everyday realities that should not be.

The Big Wood Man does not pull punches in bringing its message across and it is rated 16 and over.

Audiences who come to Laborie this weekend are in for a night of fun and lively thinking in an entertaining mix.

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