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Security upgrade planned for Castries

Image: City policeman.... joining the fight for law and order(PHOTO: ANTHONY DE BEAUVILLE)

The newly-appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Castries Constituency Council (CCC), Wilfred Pierre, has unveiled plans to improve security in the capital city.

Addressing reporters at a news conference Monday, Pierre said that the objective was to make Castries the best place in terms of security, business and recreation.

“One of the problems that we have is in terms of security. We have our City Police. You have persons now – I don’t know; for some reason they break into people’s cars, they do all kinds of things, they break show windows,” he observed.

Pierre said the CCC wants to introduce a system that is similar to one that he saw in Martinique.

” I don’t know if you saw Fast and Furious 7, this “Gods Eye’ thing? We really want to establish that in the City itself. I saw that several years ago in Martinique and you could actually see a coin in the road and you can zoom in and actually see the coin. So if somebody decides to break into a vehicle – let’s say you park your vehicle in the middle of the night for whatever reason and it got broken into, we can go back, play the tape and find out who the person was.”

Pierre also disclosed plans to obtain equipment for the City Police.

“We have calls from people in Marchand and could you imagine our City Police have to walk from here to go and deal with an emergency in Marchand?” He said.

He said he has developed a project to provide the City Police with vehicles and communications equipment.

The new CEO also spoke of plans for the redevelopment of Castries.

“We now have to redevelop the Castries area to bring life to the Castries area,” he declared, adding that the capital is “a little dead.”

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