Doctors Calling – Again!

Image of an incomplete St. Jude Hospital

The island’s doctors are again crying out loud, this time after the death of an OKEU dialysis patient.

The St. Lucia Medical and Dental Association (SLMDA) has again issued a lengthy statement cataloging their concerns and grievances, repeating earlier warnings — and again calling on the government to let decisions on medical issues be driven by clinical rather than political considerations.

The doctors are glad that work on removing the roof of the George Odlum National Stadium has stopped, but still very sad that government has opted to build a new hospital rather than make adjustments to the current unfinished St Jude Hospital site to provide much-needed services.

The doctors are on call – and loudly calling they are, through their organized body.

Doctors and nurses have indeed more than once cried out for inclusion in the search for solutions to the island’s many pressing national health problems.

Unfortunately, the doctors and politicians are both accusing each other of ‘playing politics’—unthinkable, when it comes to health. And in the midst of the din, people are dying.

The doctors have again sounded the alarm, but are we listening?

Are we hearing the siren?

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  1. The entire focus of the chastanet government is to score political poi ts at any cost including giving no consideration to the welfare of st Lucians. So childish and foolish.

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