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Can I See That Propeller?

Image: Chastanet next to the recovered Propeller

The EDITOR: My late, great uncle, Morris O’Hara was Chief Officer on “Lady Nelson” when she was torpedoed at her Castries berth on Mar 10, 1942 and was subsequently appointed her Master after her conversion to Canada’s only hospital ship in WWII.

It was therefore of great personal interest to learn from this article that one of Lady Nelson’s propellers and partial shaft have been retrieved from the harbour bottom.

As my wife and I will be touching at Castries on or about January 5, 2019 whilst on a cruise aboard “Viking Sea”, I was wondering if it might be possible for us to “visit” the propeller, assuming it is on public view?

We’d very much like to have photos with it for the family. (Brtian Uloth)

EDITOR’S NOTE: The VOICE will be only too pleased to facilitate your request. Let’s make it happen.

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  1. I still have a faint recollection of that fateful day, March 10, 1042 when the two
    blasts shook our little wooden frame palace (two bed rooms,living/dinning/kitchen)
    at 23 Mary Ann Street, every body out on the street, shouting run,run and I was all
    for with childish curiosity, yeah, let’s go and see, but we were all grounded but couldn’t
    wait to see the action, but ofcourse not for several days later, the two vessels both tilting
    toward the back side. It didn’t take long, the local boys (love them) found access for trade
    the ships’ consumable products were out for sale; Ice cream of various flavors, yummy we
    didn’t care where or how they got it, we couldn’t have enough. Kids will be kids, but wait, one
    sad note, I did share a tear with my very best friend whose father died that fateful day, my friend
    John Titley. We both attended the original Methodist School adjacent to the Methodist Church and
    our teacher was Alex Walcott, and much later Derek was one of our prefects at SMC. oh what a ride.
    I’m still around by the Grace of God, an eternal dreamer, sorry to disappoint some, I vow to be around
    for a very long time still.I’m planning to visit home next winter just to enjoy some smiling faces. Be blessed.

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