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Saint Lucia Recognized as Best Island in the Caribbean – Again!

Image of the iconic Pitons in Saint Lucia’s tourism capital, Soufriere.

SAINT LUCIA has again been recognized as the “Best Island in the Caribbean” by Global Traveler at their Sixth Annual Leisure Lifestyle Awards.

Global Traveler is a monthly publication that attracts some 300,000 readers and connects with US-based frequent, affluent, international travellers who have an average net worth of $2 million.

Image of the iconic Pitons in Saint Lucia’s tourism capital, Soufriere.
The iconic Pitons in Saint Lucia’s tourism capital, Soufriere.

The awards cocktail took place on the rooftop of Sofitel Los Angeles, Beverly Hills.

This award marks the island’s second ‘Best Island in the Caribbean’ honour in the 6-year life of the Global Traveler Leisure Lifestyle Awards, Saint Lucia having won the inaugural award in 2013.

Saint Lucia registered a record-setting year in 2017, with year-to-date numbers for 2018 improving over the same period last year.

First quarter figures for 2018 show a 17.8% increase in stay-over arrivals and a 13.5% increase in cruise arrivals over last year’s record.

Remarking on Global Traveler award, Minister for Tourism Dominic Fedee stated, “This is an award of recognition to the hard work and dedication of every hospitality worker and to every Saint Lucian.

“It is the Saint Lucian story and its majesty which continues to attract visitors to the destination, making it a world-class holiday and business destination for travellers.”

Global Traveler also highlighted Saint Lucia as a ‘dream come true’ port of call for cruise visitors.

The award survey was conducted in the Global Traveler magazine through an insert in subscriber copies, as a direct mail questionnaire, online and in emails.

Saint Lucia beat out nine other destinations for the top honour, including Aruba, Grand Cayman, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the Bahamas, Curaçao, Nevis, Jamaica, the British Virgin Islands and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

“We believe Saint Lucia is a unique Caribbean destination which offers something to every traveller and this award is in recognition of our destination’s appeal.

“We will continue to find creative ways to present Saint Lucia in the marketplace as we seek to increase market penetration, awareness and visitor arrivals,” stated the Executive Chairperson of the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority, Agnes Francis.

Each year, Global Traveler awards the GT Tested Reader Survey awards, the Leisure Lifestyle Awards and the Wines on the Wing awards.


    1. ‘a stable government and security is also the important factor’ – Am I missing something or is all the shootings and stabbings going on just my imagination! that the government seem to not get under control! but yes St Lucia is a beautiful island bar the rise in the said type of crime!

  1. All of these Islands are beautiful but St.Lucia is blessed with the best.
    I may be a little old fashioned, but when I was growing up, I never heard of
    a shooting or stabbing or the smoking of weed, and the amount of traffic accidents.
    Am I to accept this as the norm? is that not, as I believe, an erosion of our Christian and
    spiritual upbringing? the churches all around have failed. There are those who waste their time
    dreaming all day and writing about miracles of dead saints, of times long past but only in the vivid
    imaginations of idle dreamers. Brother, it would be better for you at the resurrection for having to give
    a better account of your pilgrimage here while there’s still time. St.Lucia would do much better calling on
    the “Lord above” for guidance and the imparting of His love to all who CALL UPON HIM.He is faithful always
    to answer and deliver.We’ll all prosper with the blessings of good governance and the toughening of our Laws.

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